12467 69/apr 3rd
Ferrari 365 GTB/4, Euro,
Rosso Chiaro / Black leather

N.A.R.T. Competizione conversion, LHD
no bumpers, plexi windows
96 - eligible Challenge storico Ferrari Shell
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
69 - Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc., 600 West Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT, U.S.
71/apr - serviced by Assistenza Clienti, Modena (must have been used, otherwise there would be no reason for this service)  
71/apr - converted to Group 4 competition prototype for Chinetti/N.A.R.T. by Gianni Diena's "Autofficina Sport Auto", Modena.
71/jun/5 - converted to Comp. specs by N.A.R.T. (Autofficina Sport Auto in Modena)  
5th OA
5th S5.0
24h Le Mans Bob Grossman /
Coco Chinetti
#58 FaLM p109    TF p322

could not run in the GT5.0 class in '71
71/nov/17 - Grossman Motor Car Corp., West Nyack, NY, U.S.
Chinetti's "Manufacturer's Statement of Origin" documents "first transfer in ordinary trade and commerce" of "new motor vehicle: 71 Competition Ferrari 365 GTB-4 Racing Car".
71/nov/22 - Baker Motor Co., Atlanta, GA, US
Ring Free Oil
15th OA
2nd GT+2.5
6h Daytona Bob Grossman /
Clive Baker /
Charles Reynolds
19th OA
5th IC
12h Sebring Harry Ingle /
Charles Reynolds
11th OA
3rd GT+2.5
6h Watkins Glen Tony Di Lorenzo /
Charles Reynolds
73/jan/24 - Harley E. Cluxton III, Grand Touring Cars, Inc., IL, USA  
73/jun/25 - Herb Wetanson, NY, NY, USA  
73/late - offered by Mark Derish, New York City; brand-new engine and gearbox. FCA 10/73
74/apr/18 - Daniel P. Kingsford, Princeton, NJ, USA  
75/jul/18 - William Kontes, Vineland, NJ, USA - The Checkered Flag
75/jul/20 - repeatedly offered until 1977 by The Checkered Flag, NJ; "race-prepare by NART with further modifications by Holman & Moody." NYT
77/may/20 - Dave Gunn, Suffield, CT, USA  
77/jun - FCA National Meeting, Watkins Glen, New York  
78/jan/25 - Ferrari Automobili, S.p.A. Sefac, Modena issues English "Certificate D'Origine" for 12467 Berlinetta, "built April 1969": "Vehicle is being exported to USA solely for display and cannot be sold, or operated on public roads". #7645
84/may - offered by Gunn +203-668-5909 FML 09/10
84/aug/22 - William Kontes, Milville, NJ, USA - The Checkered Flag  
85/dec - repeatedly offered through 1991 by The Checkered Flag, Millville, NJ, USA, initially for $165,000; "Thoroughly updated and restored by previous owner, new stage 3 specification engine." HMN 12/85 p7204
87/may - FCA National Meeting, Washington D.C  
89/jun/02 3rd IC FCA Concours Lake Lanier Island, class 24 William Kontes
91 - Alan Tyler, College Park, MD, USA  
92/sep - consigned to Todd A. Morici, West Paterson, NJ by Security Savings Bank SLA, Vineland, NJ, after Bill Kontes had defaulted on his $10 Mio loan secured with this car and two non-Ferraris.
Asking $400,000 for "first Daytona modified for competition with factory involvement."
FML 1720
93/mar/19 - Released by failed bank's conservator for $205,000, shipped by Morici to Vintage Motor Car Company (Bernie Chase), Encinitas, CA.
13,483 miles at pickup by Intercity Lines, Inc.
Bank Release / Shipping Order

Sometime btw. 1993—1995 the history of the car forks!

One car's chassis had been restamped at some point; the stamping is neither type-correct nor period-correct:

93/apr - Vintage Motor Car Company (Bernie Chase), Encinitas, CA. Asking $335,000.- FML 1807
93 - Harley E. Cluxton III, Scottsdale, AZ, USA  
93 - Robson S. Walton, Bentonville, AR, USA  
93 - Dyke & Sue Ridgley, Decatur, IL, USA  
95/jan - Engine block damaged and crankshaft broken. Engine rebuilt using a block and crankshaft sourced from a wrecked Daytona.  
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Bill Kontes
05/feb - Len M. Rusiewicz, Coopersburg, PA, USA (incl. original engine block. Part exchange for 375 MM 0360AM)
13/jun - "Best of Italy" ... ¯ Simeone Automotive Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
14/may/18 Gerald Roush Memorial Award Reading Concours d'Elegance Len M. Rusiewicz
14/aug/16-17 - Gooding & Company's Pebble Beach Auctions
Lot 127 - 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Competizione s/n 12467
Est. Est. $5,500,000 - 7,000,000
Not Sold, High Bid $3,5mio
15/Nov/19 - Keno Brothers ‘Rolling Sculpture’ auction, NYC (US),
st. $4.9M - $5.9M .
Not sold (high bid $4.8M)
.. - appeared at Lehigh Valley Cars & Coffee, PA, US
17 - Guikas GTC, Carnoux-en-Provence, FR
17/sep/9-10 - Chantilly Arts & Elegance, FR
18/jul/07 - Artcurial "Le Mans Classic". Lot 84, 16,659 km, with original engine block "B162" that bears scutineering stamps.
Est. €6.5-7.5 Mio; not sold, high bid €5.4 Mio
18/sep - Ferrari Classiche would require #12467 to be accurately restored to either its configuration for 1971 Le Mans, or for the 1972 U.S. races, to qualify for certification.  
20 - ....................  
One car surfaced in Belgium, and bears a period-correct chassis stamping:
93 - René Granelli, BE. Engine No "B 162", Type 605 gearbox No. 29. Is said to have purchased from U.S. via UK broker.  
95/dec/30 - C.&U. K., DE.  
99/jun/02-05 3rd iC 11th Giro di Sicilia Storico, Palermo-Trapani-Agrigento-Acireale, IT Hamprecht / Kolles, DE #202 Programme, Pg 15 "Elenco Iscritti"
01/feb/22 - Restauration completed. German title issued for "vehicle imported from U.K.", 65,353 km, registered for street use. "IN-F365H" (DE)



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