1187GT 58
Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe Speciale, LHD
A one-off 250 GT Coupe similar to the 410 SA body style
5 window cabin, air outlets in fenders
Metallic blue-green/black
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
59/mar/12-22 - Geneva Show car
59/may - Ing. Emanuele Nasi, Torino, I (husband of Aniceta Agnelli)
6. - Howard C. Boerner jr., Berkeley, CA, USA
77 - Dr. Michael Russell, Brentwood, CA, USA
86 - Greg Garrison, Studio City, CA, USA - paid $15,000.-  
01/jun - The Garrison Collection, one-off 250 Speciale with the sail cover area enclosed in glass, Fully restored, silver/red - asking $375,000.-  
03/aug/17 Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Greg Garrison
05/mar/26 - Garrison died
07/aug/18 - S - Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach auction - $1,10mio incl. buyer's prem.
07/aug/18 - Lorenzo Zambrano, Monterrey, MEX C177 p36-45
07-09 - completely restored by Bob Smith Coachworks, Gainesville, TX, USA
09/aug/16 2nd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Lorenzo Zambrano C173 p53
10/jan/23 Judges Cup XIX. Cavallino Classic Lorenzo Zambrano
10/jan/23 Platinum XIX. Cavallino Classic, class 2 Lorenzo Zambrano
1. - ..............., OR, USA
13/jan/19 - S - Gooding & Co.'s Scottsdale auction - $2,365mio incl. buyer's prem.
13/jan/19 - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA
14/feb - offered by Copley Motorcars, Needham, MS, USA  
14/apr - still offered by Copley Motorcars, Needham, MS, USA  



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