Ferrari 275 GTB/4S N.A.R.T. Spyder


10749 1967/dec/14   *** 9th of 10 ***
Ferrari 275 N.A.R.T. Spyder, LHD
Silver/red, Borranis
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1967 - Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA
1968/mar - Dr. Michael Serman, Rye, NY, USA via Chinetti "LM 45"
1977 - sold (with a Rolls Royce SCIII) by Serman in with 47,000miles on the clock for $66k
197. - Joe Namnoun, USA
197. - William Bliwise, Fredon, Sussex, NJ, USA
1979 - Ed Superfon, L.A., CA, USA - traded in a Lamborghini Urraco, a Maserati Ghibli Spyder + $35,000 Cash!
1979/mar - V.I.P. The Toy Store, Santa Monica Blvd., L.A., CA, USA - 49,500m C4 p49
198. - Robert Solomon, L.A., CA, USA in trade for 2 365 GTS/4 (15007 & 17067), 2 250 GT S1 PF Cabs (0775GT & 0777GT) & a 365 GTC/4   
198. - Bruno Bori, L.A., CA, USA - Modena Sportscars
198. - ................, USA (drug dealer)  
1989 - restored by Bob Shanahan, CA, USA  
1992 - The Checkered Flag, CA, USA (Bill Kontes)  
1992 - John Moores, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA C97 p20-27 "DBK 317" 
199. - restored by Junior's House of Color, Bell Gardens, CA, USA, silver grey met.
199. - interior restored by Tony Nancy
1995/aug/20 Class M Pebble Beach Concours John Moores
1997/apr/19 Rodeo Drive Concours John Moores
1998/oct/17 - NS - Christie's La Jolla auction at The Scripps Research Institute  
1998 - The auction was held to benefit The Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases at The Scripps Research Institute  
1998/dec - Cavallino Holdings, Seattle, WA, USA - paid $1,85mio  
2002/aug/29 - Carlos Hank Rhon, MEX
2006/mar/09 - Clive Beecham, UK via Gooding's "NRT 275F"
2007/jun/24 Class 6
60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Clive Beecham
2009/jul/24 Best in Show Salon Privée Concours d'Elegance, Hurlington Clive Beecham
2011/sep/11   FOC Concours at Heythrop Park Clive Beecham    
2013/apr/13   Barkaways Open Day 2013 Clive Beecham    
2013/sep/05   St. James Concours Clive Beecham    
2014/feb - Dr. Richard E. Workman, Windermere, FL, USA - paid $28.0mio (was the under bidder on the Smith 275 GTB/4 N.A.R.T. Spyder s/n 10709)
Rare Wheels Collection
2014/may/09   Museo Ferrari - California Dreaming Exhibition      
2014/aug/14   Tour de Pebble Beach Dr. Rick & Angie Workman    
2014/aug/17 Class M1 Pebble Beach Concours Dr. Rick & Angie Workman M1-07  
2015/jan/24   Cavallino Classic Dr. Rick Workman    
2015/jan/25 Class FO Amelia Island Concours Dr. Rick Workman    
2018/jan/27   Cavallino Classic      
2024/jan/13 - Mecum „Kissimmee“, FL.
Lot S195.1. - 
2024/jan/28 Platnium Cavallino Classic Mecum 30  
2024/jan/28 The Ferrari 275 Award Cavallino Classic Mecum 30  


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