1036 70
512 S Berlinetta
Exposed door hinges, a flared tub and roof bubble
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
70 - Scuderia Ferrari  
70 - test and backup car  
70/jun/20 - Ecurie Francorchamps, B - chassis with body only
70 - Solar Productions, Inc. for the movie "Le Mans" as a roller using Scuderia Filipinetti livery with r#15, and SF livery A French kiss with death
p 303, ...
70/dec/10 - Herbert Mueller Racing Team, Reinach, CH  
72 - converted to "M" specs   
74 - converted to CanAm Spyder by Edi Wyss, competed with 5-, 5,7- and 7-litre engine
74/jun/16 11th Mosport CanAm Eppie Wietzes #7  
74/jul/07 4th Road Atlanta CanAm Herbert Mueller #7  
74/jul/14 dns Watkins Glen CanAm Herbert Mueller #7  
74/aug/18 18th (dnf) Mid-Ohio CanAm Herbert Mueller #7  
74/aug/25 6th OA Road America CanAm, Elkhart Lake Herbert Mueller #7 PH64 p27 
75/apr/13 5th OA Preis von Wiesbaden, Hockenheim, Interserie Cox Cocher #4  
75/jul/20 7th OA Hockenheim, Interserie Herbert Mueller #7  
76 - displayed at Race Car Show, Zurich, CH
76/... - Manfred Lampe, West Bloomfield, MI, USA RB p81 
77/jun/10-12 15th Annual FCA Meet, Watkins Glen Manfred Lampe PH50 p12
77 - restored and converted back to Berlinetta "M" specs ... with assistance from Coco Chinetti and Wayne Sparling ... with original 712 n.1 engine numero interno  263 c. N.1 . (Classiche confirmed) PH59 p48,49
78/sep/30 Historic race before F1 race, Watkins Glen Manfred Lampe
80/aug/30 1st Italian Happenings, Farmington Hills, MI Manfred Lampe
80/sep/19 FCA Thunder in the North, Mosport Manfred Lampe PH61
81 FCA Meeting, Elkhart Lake Manfred Lampe
81/jun/27 Hank Haga's Party, Bloomfield Hills, MI Manfred Lampe PH63 p23
81/aug/16 Meadow Brook Concours, Grosse Pointe, MI Manfred Lampe
82/jul Elanor Ford Hosue Concours, Grosse Pointe Manfred Lampe
82/aug/29 Italian Happenings Concours, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI Manfred Lampe
87 - air shippment to Germany
87 - displayed at the Nuerburgring Museum, D
92 - still with Manfred Lampe, Warwickshire, UK
97 - still with Manfred Lampe, E - 2009  



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