0973GT 1958/aug/28   *** 55th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
1 louvre
Red/beige leather
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1958 - Claude Bourillot, F  
1958/sep/14-21 7th OA
7th GT
Tour de France Claude Bourillot/ Mazetti #165 Pourret p254, 259 FY58             TdF p121      "BO 06502"
1958/oct/05   Coupe du Salon, Montlhéry  Claude Bourillot #3 Monthléry p255
1959/apr/12 1st OA
1st GT+2.0
Coupes de l'USA, Montlhéry Claude Bourillot    
1959/may/03 2nd OA
2nd GT
Prix de Paris,
S1.1, GT3.5
Claude Bourillot    
1959 - André Simon, F  
sump blown by
stones near finish
Tour de France André Simon /
#173 FY59             TdF p137, 141 Pourret p262
1960/apr/24   Coupes de l'USA, Montlhéry André Simon #22 Pourret p323
1960/may/15 1st OA
1st GT+2.0
Prix de  Paris, Montlhéry, 
André Simon #22 Monthléry p280     Pourret p234
1960/jun/11-12 6th OA Limousin Rally André Simon /
1960 6th OA Bordeaux Quest Rally André Simon /
1961 - Loyer, F  
1961 - Houdusse, F  
1964 - Jess G. Pourret, Paris, F Pourret 275 p52      Pourret p61
"46 CZ 53"
1966/may - 73,000km $5,800.-  
1967 - Philippe A. Vernholes, Idoux, F  
1971 - engine replaced with 0949GT (250 GT Coupe)  
1971 - engine is in 0849GT (Series I Spyder) Pourret p220
"00747 L4", p250
1972/mar/23 Ferrari Club France Drive to Maranello Philippe Vernholes / Marie Andree Vernholes "5799GZ 78" PH35 p35
1972 - Jacques Thuysbaert, Villeneuve, F  
1972 - Albert Prost, Roanne, F  
2008 - Jean Guikas, Marseille, F - GTC Sarl.
2008/may - engine reunited with car
2010/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Jean Guikas /
Michel Abellan
#129a "3477 RV 42"
Note ... Guikas also drove 0903GT with #129 rosso with dark center stripe "FXS 385"
2018/dec/02 Ferrari Exhibition Monaco      



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