Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder


0927GT 1958/jul   *** 4th ***
Ferrari 250 LWB California Spyder, LHD
Covered headlights, steel body, drum brakes
Chassis Tipo 508C
Engine Tipo 128C 
Gearbox Tipo 508C
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
195. - Col. X.H. Price, Washington DC, USA
1961/mar - traded in for 2455GT (250 GT SWB Comp.) with Chinettis'
1961/mar - Chinetti Motors, Greenwich, CT, USA
196. - Bob Grossman, Nyack, NY, USA  
1963 - Joseph Klein, Utica, NY, USA  
1963 - engine was smoking severely  
1964/65 - major overhaul during the winter, included rings, rods and mains, valves were re-seated and seals installed, by Barry K. Fabrey  
1965/spring - involved in a minor collision that damaged the left front fender  
1965/spring - during the bodywork repair cycle, the bumpers were removed and sent to Capital Plating in Albany, NY for re-chroming. Capital lost them  
1972 - ..............., Whitesboro, NY (Utica area), USA in rough shape, sitting on a gas station lot  
1974 - Basil Shadlun, Howell, NJ, USA, still 2003  
2003/dec - featured in T&CC 1/04 in discovery section T&CC 1/04 p22
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