0923GT 1958/jul/09   *** 3rd ***
Ferrari 250 LWB California Spyder, LHD
Covered headlights, steel body
Chassis Tipo 508C
Engine Tipo 128C 
Gearbox Tipo 508C
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1958 - Ferrari Representatives of California, Hollywood, CA, USA
196. - Don Hampton, USA
196. - Dr. Constantine, USA
1968 - Marshall Mathews, Woodside, CA, USA "BAW 119 (CA)" Spyder California p21, 128
19.. - engine 1855GT (250 GT PF Cab. S2) installed
19.. - original engine is also with the car  
1979 - for sale in California  
1998/feb - Carey Kendall, CLK VM, Santa Barbara, CA, USA - $575,000.- 805-966-7724  
1998 - Patrick Smiekel, Montecito, CA, USA
1999/may - Garry Roberts, Newport Beach, CA, USA - paid $525k  
1999/jun - Andrew Pisker, UK - paid $550k5k  
1999/sep Goodwood Revival Meeting Andrew Pisker
2000 Hurlington Club Concours Andrew Pisker
2000/sep/15-17 Goodwood Revival Meeting Andrew Pisker
200. - repainted rosso rubino/tan
2006/jul/07-09 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Andrew Pisker
2007/oct/31 - displayed at RM's Automobiles of London auction
2008/feb/08-17 - displayed by RM at Retromobile, Paris, F
2008/mar/30 - displayed by RM at the Techno Classica, Essen, G  
2008/may/18 - RM's Maranello auction
Lot 337 -
Sold €2,365,000 incl. buyer's prem. ($3,659,838)
2008/may/18 - William E. Heinecke, THA (UK) "BSL 175" (UK)
2011/sep/21-25 Italia Classica, Ferrari Gran Tour to Venezia William Heinecke
2014/jul/04-12   Ferrari Le 250 Tornano a Casa Tour William Heinecke   C203 p28
2014/sep/03-05   Salon Prive, Syon Park
Class K – “Escaping in Style” The Great Gran Turismos
William Heinecke    
2017/may/05   Cavalcade Classic William Heinecke #20  
2017/sep/02   Salon Privé William Heinecke    
2019/sep/23   3rd Cavalcade Classiche William Heinecke #21  
2021/jul/03   Cavallino Classic Modena Brandon Wang    




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