0899GT 58/mar/30   *** 42nd ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
1 louvre, covered headlights, triangle on roof
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, Busto Arsizio, I "VA 59245" 
58/apr/07 dns 3h Pau Edoardo Lualdi #51  
58/apr/27 3rd OA
3rd IC
Coppa San Marino,
Serravalle-San Marino hillclimb
Edoardo Lualdi
58/may/05 3rd OA
2nd IC
Bologna-San Luca hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #338
58/jun/01 5th OA
1st GT
Coppa della Consuma hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi    
58/jun/15 5th OA
1st IC
Varese-Campo di Fiori hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #110 Varese p286, 287           "VA 59245"
58/jun/21-22 dnf Mille Miglia rally Edoardo Lualdi    
58/jul/06 4th OA,
1st GT
Bolzano-Mendola hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #224  
58/jul/13 9th OA
3rd IC
Trento-Bondone hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi    
58/sep/07 3rd OA Coppa InterEuropa,
Edoardo Lualdi #81 not 0899GT was a 14 louvre
58/sep/14 2nd OA
1st GT
Trofeo Lumezzane Edoardo Lualdi    
58/sep/28 5th OA
2nd IC
Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #188 P-G p235
58/oct/05 2nd IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #158 T-O p233   "VA 59245"
58/nov/04 1st OA
1st GT+2.6
Coppa Sant'Ambroeus, Monza Edoardo Lualdi    
58 1st GT Trofeo Montagna Edoardo Lualdi    
58 - Ferdinando Pagliarini, I  
59/apr/05 3rd IC II. Stallavena-Bosco Chiesanuova hillclimb Nando Pagliarini    
59/apr/26 3rd OA
3rd IC
Coppa San Marino, Serravalle-San Marino hillclimb Nando Pagliarini    
59/may/24 1st OA Castell'Arquato-Vernasca hillclimb Nando Pagliarini
59/jun/07 6th OA
2nd IC
Coppa della Consuma hillclimb Nando Pagliarini    
59/jun/28 12th OA
12th GT2.6
Gran Premio della Lotteria di Monza Nando Pagliarini #39  
59/jul/26 7th OA
4th IC
Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Nando Pagliarini #208   
59/sep/20 2nd IC Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb Nando Pagliarini #214   
59 acc. Campiano Vetto d'Enza Nando Pagliarini     
60 - Paul Mounier, Algier "498 JN 9A"
60/apr/16-18 4th OA Rallye Alger-Hassi Messaoud-Alger Paul Mounier /
60/jun/06 2nd Circuit de Vitesse de la Grenouillère,
Paul Mounier Dans les pas de Fernand Tavano p92
60/jun/12 7th OA GP Rouen  Paul Mounier    
60/jul/10 10th OA 4th IC 6h de Auvergne,
Paul Mounier /
Fernand Tavano
60   Rally de Constantine Paul Mounier    
60   Oran hillclimb Paul Mounier    
60 dnf Circuit de Vitesse de Staoueli Paul Mounier     
60 - ............, Marseille, F
61 - car damaged in a road accident  
61 - parted out by Rueda, Marignane, F TFL p66
61 - engine removed and sold to a mechanic in Marseille, F
who fitted it into a 250 GT Cabriolet
61 - body removed and mounted on a 250 GTE chassis
61 - chassis only sold to Jacques Ohana, Marseille, F
87/nov/17 - Jean-Pierre Ferry, MC - chassis only  
87 - restored by Bacchelli & Villa, Bastiglia, I with new bodywork
87 - correct type engine installed and stamped 0899GT (engine 0817GT Boano)
93/apr/20-24 Tour de France Auto Jean-Pierre Ferry / Pierre Ferry #76 "S 300"
94/apr/13-16 23rd IC Tour de France Auto Jean-Pierre Ferry /
Jean-Francois Boyer
#147 C81 p18
94/may/05-08 Mille Miglia Ferry /
Del Grande
95/apr/26-29 Tour de France Auto Jean-Pierre Ferry / Michel Boyer #88
95/may/18-21 Mille Miglia Ferry /
96/apr/23-27 Tour de France Auto Jean-Pierre Ferry / Laurent Brechet #131
97/apr/23-26 Tour de France Auto Jean-Pierre Ferry / Michel Boyer #151 C99 p12
97/mar - car has its original chassis, another "TdF" engine and a restored body (Jean Sage)  
02/jul - offered by Christian Philippsen, F for $880,000 in FML  
09/feb/06-15 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by Carclassic.com
09/apr/01-05 - displayed by Carclassic.com at Techno Classica, Essen, D
10/apr/07-11 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D by Classic Car Collection
11/mar/30-apr/03 - displayed at Techno Classica, Essen, D by carclassic.com
12/... - at Ferrari Classiche, Maranello, I  
2013/jun - engine 0817GT sold to David Goodwin to be re-united with 0817GT  
14/... - Red book classiche certification from Ferrari factory

Original chassis, suspension and gearbox
Correct replacement differential
Body rebuilt by Carrozzeria Autosport in 1987 and rectified by Ferrari Classiche 
New correct engine type supplied and stamped by Ferrari Classiche

14/sep - Brendan Gallaher and Michel Stern, Bend, OR, USA  
16/aug/19 The Quail Brendan Gallaher and Michel Stern #151 C99 p12
17/aug/18 - Bonahms Quail Lodge Auction
Lot 085 -  Est. upon request
Not Sold
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