0895GT 58/mar/21   *** 40th ***
250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
Amaranto / .....
covered headlights  
1st 1 louvre
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58 - Dr. Cesare Marchi, Florence, I ... via Renato Nocentini's Garage La Rotonda, Prato, Firenze "FI 107004" (I)  
60/mar/11 – Roy Porta, San Francisco, US
converted to open headlights at factory, painted over in silver
60/jul - Jack Brewer, NY, USA - silver, open headlights, 1 louvre
60/aug/05 3rd OA
3rd Class 3
SCCA National Montgomery
GT race
Jack Brewer #57
60/aug/05 dns SCCA National Montgomery
Jack Brewer #57
60/sep/24 dns Watkins Glen, 13th Annual Grand Prix,
race 8
Jack Brewer #257
60 - Bob Grossman, Nyack, NY, USA
60 2nd OA
1st IC
Glen Trophy,
Watkins Glen
Bob Grossman #19
61 - Dean Johnson, Los Altos, CA, USA  
66/nov - R. Cowherd, USA ... re-painted red  
74 - Glen Snider, USA  
75/aug 1st IC Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Glen Snider
76 - James Boulware, Monte Sereno, CA, USA  
77 - Stuart Baumgartner, Escondido, CA, USA  
83/oct - offered for $60,000.-  
84 - Greg Garrison, Studio City, CA, USA - asking $575,000.-  
99/may/02 - Syd Silverman, Boca Raton, FL, USA - paid $525,000.-  
00/jan/20-21 IX. Cavallino Classic track event,
Syd Silverman
00/jan/21 11th Ferrari Historic Challenge, Moroso Park race 1 Syd Silverman    
00/jan/22 display IX. Cavallino Classic,
class 2
Syd Silverman  
02/jan/24-25 XI. Cavallino Classic Track Days,
Moroso Park
Syd Silverman  
02/jan/25 10th OA Ferrari Maserati Challenge,
Moroso Park,
Drum brake race
Syd Silverman #250  
02/jan/26 XI. Cavallino Classic,
class 3
Syd Silverman
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Syd Silverman
04/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic  Syd Silverman
04/mar - Axel Urban, Hamburg, D - ProTrade GmbH "FAI 229 (OK)"
04/mar - Corgi Tamboer, Puerto Rico
04/apr/19-24 Tour Auto Axel Urban /        Corgi Tamboer #163
04/may/06-09 Mille Miglia Del Valle /        Torres #272
05 - changed to covered headlights but slightly wrong shape
05/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Rocky Santiago /   Jeffries #291
06/may/11-14 Mille Miglia Corgi Tamboer /
M. Scarfia
07/mar/02 - Mark Davies, Greenwich, CT, USA
07/jun/01 Greenwich Concours Mark Davies
15/oct/14 - Red-Book certified by Ferrari Classiche,
after 2 year restoration in Modena
16/jan/23 1st IC Platinum Cavallino Classic XXV Palm Beach Mark Davies    
16/jun/05 Best comp. car Greenwich Concours Greenwich CT USA Mark Davies    
2017/sep/02 Duke of Marlborough’s Award Salon Privé Ferrari Tribute Concours Mark Davies  



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