0890 72   *** 8th ***
312 PB, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
72 - Scuderia Ferrari
72/feb/06 4th OA 4th IC 6h Daytona Clay Regazzoni /
Brian Redman
#4 C4 p35   Scarlet Passion p206, 210 McDonough p74
72/apr/16 5th OA 1000km Brands Hatch Clay Regazzoni /
Brian Redman
#9 McDonough p79, 82, 83
72/may/06-07 1st OA 1000km de Francorchamps Brian Redman /  Arturo Merzario #3 Delsaux p427, 433            Ca2 p61 Scarlet Passion p243
72/may/28 2nd OA 1000km Nuerburgring Brian Redman /
Arturo Merzario
#2 FIC p34, p314
Ca2 p68 McDonough p89
72/sep/17 1st 500km Imola Arturo Merzario #1  
72/nov/04 1st OA 9h Kyalami Clay Regazzoni /
Arturo Merzario
#2 McDonough p94
73/apr/15 2nd OA 1000km Dijon Jacky Ickx /
Brian Redman
73/may/05-06 4th OA
4th S3.0
1000km de Francorchamps Carlos Pace /
Arturo Merzario
#2 Delsaux p437, 442, 443 Scarlet Passion p219, 221 McDonough p101, 102
73/may/27 2nd OA 1000km Nuerburgring Carlos Pace /
Arturo Merzario
#2 AMS 13/73 p157 McDonough p104, 105 (identified as 0892)
6th OA 1000km Oesterreichring, Zeltweg Carlos Pace /
Arturo Merzario
#2 Ca2 p99
73/jul/21 3rd OA 6h Watkins Glen Carlos Pace /
Arturo Merzario
#11 McDonough p110-112
7. - Harley E. Cluxton III., Phoenix, AZ, USA C4 p31
75/aug/08 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Harley Cluxton  
77/oct/06 - Anthony Bamford, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
.. - Don Walker, TX, USA  
85/nov - offered for sale  
8. - Peter Kaus, Frankfurt, D   
87 - displayed at Collezione Rosso Bianco, Aschaffenburg, D
88/aug/11-14 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Peter Kaus #33
97/nov - offered by Kaus for $1.4mio  
97/dec - offered for $950,000.-
99/may - in a package with 1006 in exchange & cash, to ... for a 540 K Mercedes (SMC) via Axel Schuette  
99/may - Harry Leventis, UK  
99/jun - offered by Talacrest/SMC offered for $2.25mio  
99/oct - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA  
99/dec - still offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA  
00/jan - Said Marouf, La Jolla, CA, USA in exchange for Alfa TZ2 (=$1.2mio) (to Walton) + Porsche 908  
00/jun - still or again offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA  
01/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event, Moroso Bonhams&Brooks
01/jan/20 - NS - Bonhams&Brooks Cavallino Classic auction - highbid $1,4mio  
01/jan/27 - John Bosch, NL - post sale $1.45mio  
03/jul/23-24 1st IC 10th Modena Track Days, Concours d'Elegance, Nuerburgring John Bosch
0. - Paul Knapfield, UK
09/jun/05-07 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Vigeant Paul Knapfield #117
10/jul/03-05 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Paul Knapfield
13/jul/11-14   Festival of Speed, Goodwood Provenance Collection  




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