0883GT 1958
Ferrari 250 GT Boano High Roof Coupe, Ellena 
Met. red/cream with white carpets
Fitted with Dunlop disc brakes & alloy racing wheels on it ala the Peter Collins Spyder by factory ?
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1958/end - .............., St. Louis, USA
1960 - Gilbert Schaffer, USA
196. - engine replaced by Ford V8 Cobra 289 by Raceway Equipment, Cleveland, OH, USA  
1967-80 - stored
1980 - George W. Rappelyea, Matinsville, NJ, USA:
"I installed an original set of Cobra Webers on the engine and had a hood scoop put on along with TR style hood clamps. The hood scoop turned out super and looks exactly as if it came that way, the external fuel filler in the trunk did not turn out that well and the whole thing was painted Corvette "Mille Miglia Red". One mystery I have never solved is that the car was built in  early 1958 stayed in Europe for most of the year, was fitted with the same brakes as the Peter Collins car and then shipped to St. Louis at the end of the year. I will say it was BLOODY FAST and Dick Merritt compared it to his old 375MM Berlinetta when I took him for a ride. I sold it to a fellow in Baldwin Long Island who also got my Cabriolet 1801GT."
1985 - David Lepiscopo, Baldwin Long Island, NY, USA
1988/jun - offered for $280,000 - 88/6 1/90 - 503/683-7143, OR, USA  


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