0872 67
312 P Berlinetta, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1969/sep/12 - N.A.R.T.  
1969/jun/14 - since 0868 was entered in the Le Mans race but destroyed in Monza, it was renumbered to 0868 for the Le Mans race  
1969/jun/14  accident
24h Le Mans Chris Amon /
Peter Schetty
#19 FaLM p101 C103 p3
1969/jun/14 - collided with a flaming gas tank of a crashed Porsche 917
1969/fall - Luigi Chinetti, Greenwich, CT, USA  
1970 - roof bubble fitted for Mike Parkes
1970/jan/31-feb/01 4th OA
1st P
laps 647
24h Daytona Mike Parkes
Sam Posey
#24 C101 p22
1970/mar/21 6th OA
1st P3.0
laps 240
12h Sebring Mike Parkes /
Chuck Parsons
#22 Scarlet Passion p164
1970/jun/13-14 nc
24h Le Mans Tony Adamowicz /
Chuck Parsons
#57 FaLM p103 Scarlet Passion p165, 175, 197      C103 p3
1970/71 - turned into a spyder by Wayne Sparling, rear and front end replaced and roof removed  
1971/jan/30-31 5th OA
1st P
24h Daytona Luigi Chinetti jr. /
Garcia Veiga /
de Cadenet
#21 Scarlet Passion p200 C101 p25
1971/feb/20 8th OA
3rd P3.0
lap 213
12h Sebring Luigi Chinetti jr. /
George Eaton
#21 C101 p25
1971/spring - dismantled, chassis and body stored, engine, gearbox, steering and suspension used for Chinetti Speciale  
1972 - Francois Sicard, chassis 0872, bodywork and other components  
1980-81 - Carle Conway III, Southport, CT, USA - bought the Chinetti Speciale, to bring all 0872 pieces together, the car was dismantled, the none-0872-pieces were sold separately  
19.. - Paul Pappalardo, CT, USA all 312 P components  
19.. - Greg Garrison, MT, USA all 312 P components  
1982 - Peter G. Sachs, Stamford, CT, USA  
1997 - being restored  
2003/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Peter Sachs C134 p31
2003/jan/25 Gold XII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 14 Peter Sachs
2007/jun/12 - Arnold Meier, Meilen, CH
2008/aug/13-15 12th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca,
class 8A
Arnold Meier /    David Franklin #19
2008/aug/17 Pebble Beach Concours,
class M-2
Arnold Meier
2008/oct/04-05 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge,
David Franklin #109 C169 p8
2008/nov/08-09 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge,
David Franklin #109
2009/jul/03-05 Festival of Speed, Goodwood David Franklin
2009/nov/12-15 Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge,
David Franklin #119
2010/jul/09-10 display Le Mans Classic,
LM Heritage Exhibition
Arnold Meier #19
2011/oct/15-12/apr/08 - displayed at Ferrari Exhibition Pantheon, Basel, CH
2012/jul/06-08 Le Mans Classic,
Grid 5
David Franklin #3
22/apr/01-03 17th OA, 5th IC  Mugello Classic,
CER 1, Race 1 
David Franklin / Remo Lips #39  
22/jul/01-03 3rd OA  Le Mans Classic,
Grid 5
Remo Lips #58  


Chinetti Special/Flying Shingle
1971/late - "Chinetti Special/Flying Shingle" built by Wayne Sparling, on order of Chinetti jr., combining a new chassis and body (made from scratch) with suspension, engine, transmission and steering from s/n 0872  
1972/feb/06 dnf 6h Daytona Luigi Chinetti jr. /
George Eaton
#21 C101 p26
1974/jun/15-16 9th OA
6th IC
24h Le Mans Jean Claude Andruet /
Teodore Zeccoli
#1 FaLM p120 C103 p3
1974/aug/30 - Harley Cluxton, Scottsdale, AZ, USA  
1976 - Stuart Baumgard, Encino, CA, USA  
1978 - Bob Rapp, Steve Barney and Tom Williamson, Burlington, NC, USA  
1980 - Joseph Williams, Wallington, CT, USA  
1980/81 - Carle Conway, USA bought the Chinetti Speciale, to bring all 0872 pieces together, the car was dismantled, the none 0872 pieces were sold


Chinetti Special/Flying Shingle
without any 0872 parts
.. - chassis and body from the "Flying Shingle" were sold to someone in Tennessee who fitted it with a modified 330 GT engine, Hewland gearbox and some Lola suspension parts... nothing to do with the original 312 P s/n 0872  
1990's - raced in the by the John Daniel Racing, notably driven by Richard Brian  
1993 or 94 - seen at the 24 Minutes of Daytona Historic parade  
.... - John Goodman, Seattle, WA, USA
2010/aug/12-15 7th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca, race 5A John Goodman #11
2011/aug/20-21 27th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca, Group 8A John Goodman #101



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