0858 1967   *** 2nd of 3 ***
330 P4 Berlinetta, RHD
.. - engine extended to 4,2 l
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1967- Scuderia Ferrari (with Berlinetta bodywork)
1967/apr/25 2nd OA 1000km Monza Mike Parkes /
Ludovico Scarfiotti
#4 Ca11 p44
1967/apr/30-may/01 5th OA 1000km de Francorchamps Mike Parkes /
Ludovico Scarfiotti
#9 Ca11 p109 Scarlet Passion p119
Delsaux p351
1967/jun/10-11 2nd OA 1st IC 24h Le Mans Mike Parkes /
Ludovico Scarfiotti
#21 FaLM p91, 132
FIC p271
Ca11 p56   Scarlet Passion p124            C103 p24    C110 p10
1967 - modified with Barchetta bodywork  
1967/jul/30 6th OA BOAC 500, Brands Hatch Jonathan Williams /
Paul Hawkins
#8 Ca11 p13, 61 Scarlet Passion p131
1967 - converted into a 350 CanAm Spyder Gr.7 car
1967 - William Fisk Harrah, Reno, NV, USA  
1967/oct/10 8th GP Monterey, Laguna Seca Jonathan Williams #27 PH64 p25
1967/oct/29 dnf Riverside, L.A. Jonathan Williams #27  
1967/nov/12 acc. Stardust GP, Las Vegas Jonathan Williams #27 Scarlet Passion p147, 148
1968 - David MacKay, Wahrooga, AUS - Scuderia Veloce  
1968/sep/01 dnf Surfers Paradies Chris Amon /
David MacKay
#4 C60 p32
1968 - Paul Hawkins, UK - Team Gunston  
1968/nov/11 3rd 9h Kyalami Paul Hawkins /
#4 Ca11 p67
1968/nov/23 1st 3h Cape Town Paul Hawkins    
1968/dec/01 1st GP Bulawayo Paul Hawkins    
1968/dec/01 2nd GP Rhodesia Paul Hawkins    
1968/dec/08 2nd 3h de Lourenco Marques Paul Hawkins    
1968/dec/26 1st 3h Pietermartizburg Paul Hawkins    
1969/jan/04 1st 500km East London, ZA Paul Hawkins    
1969/may/01 1st Magny Cours Hailwood #85  
1969/may/04 dnf Dijon Hailwood #85  
1969 - David Piper, UK  
1969 - Alistair Walker, UK  
1969/nov/02 dnf 9h Kyalami, Springbok series Alistair Walker /
Robin Widdows
#6 PS 2/70 p17
1969/nov/21 dnf 3h Cape Town, Springbok series Alistair Walker /
Robin Widdows
#6 PS 2/70 p16
1969/nov/30 2nd OA 3h Lourenco Marques, Springbok series Alistair Walker /
Robin Widdows
1969/dec/13 dnf 3h Bulawayo, Springbok series Alistair Walker /
Robin Widdows
1969/dec/27 dns 3h Roy Hesketh, Pietermaritzburg, Springbok series Alistair Walker /
Robin Widdows
1971 - Walter Medlin, Orlando, FL, USA C60 p32
1994 - restored  
1994/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Harley Cluxton C84 p36
1996/aug - offered for sale by Medlin  
1998 - Medlin did not accept $9,0mio, asking for $11,0mio  
2009/may/17 - RM's Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction
Not Sold highbid €7.25mio
C172 p80, 82
2009 - displayed at Galleria Ferrari, Maranello, I
2012/feb - offered by Talacrest Ltd., UK C187 p18-19
2012/aug - still offered by Talacrest Ltd., UK C190 p52-53
2014/feb/05 - displayed at Retromobile by Franco Meiners  
2015/jun/14 - 24h Le Mans display  
20.. - Alex Birkenstock, G  
2019/oct/26 - Finiali Mondiali, Mugello  
2020//feb/05 - displayed at Retromobile Franco Meiners & Mario Linke  
2021/nov/21 - Finiali Mondiali, Mugello
2023/jun/01-jul/02 - La Grande Exposition du Centenaire des 24 Heures du Mans, Le Mans, FR  
2024/apr/24 - Modena’s Museo Enzo Ferrari ... “Ferrari one of a Kind” Exhibition  


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