0083S 50
195 Inter Coupe Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
50 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I
50/aug/06 1st OA Giro della Calabria Franco Cornacchia /       Del Carlo most likely 0044M
51/apr/15 Coppa InterEuropa, Monza Franco Cornacchia #104 FbV p83
51 - V. Boncalneri, Milano, I  
72 - engine only owned by Lawrence Knaack, Long Grove, IL, USA  
.. - engine only to Gary Schonwald who sold it to Bernard Worth, GB  
86 - engine only: Bernard Worth installed engine for a while in 063S  
8. - engine installed in 0179EL (212/225) by Roelofs/Smits  
93 - chassis still in Argentina  


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