0832 65
Ferrari 275 P2/ 365P2/3
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
65 - SF  
65/may/09 dnf Targa Florio Giancarlo Baghetti /
Jean Guichet
#204 FMT p186
C33 p15
FIC p221
as 275 P2
2nd 1000km Nuerburgring Mike Parkes /
Jean Guichet
#2 FIC p224
65/jun/19-20 dnf 24h Le Mans Lorenzo Bandini /
Giampiero Biscaldi
#22 FaLM p83  FIC p238
FCR V2 p161 Scarlet Passion p93
66 - upgraded to 365 P2 configuration  
66 - Scuderia Fillipinetti, Geneva, CH  
66/jun/18-19 dnf gearbox
lap 166
24h Le Mans Herbert Mueller /
Willy Mairesse
#19 FaLM p87 Scarlet Passion p105 S. Filipinetti p144
66 - Carlos Kauffmann, Caracas, VEN (Ferrari dealer in Venezuela)
66 - Borges Zingg, VEN via Carlos Kauffmann   
66/dec/04 fat. acc. Nassau Trophy Borges Zingg #44 C137 p65 BSW p339
66 - car burned, the chassis was twisted after the crash the engine was removed by mechanic Felix Verona  
72 - remnants sold to Robert N. Dusek, Solebury, PA, USA, original engine, transaxle, suspension and chassis  
9. - built around original engine, transmission and burned remains
bodywork by Allegretti, mechanicals by Sport Auto Modena. About half the chassis was unusable and had to be replaced, an entirely new body was required.
C85 p8
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bob Dusek #26 C84 p35
96 Watkins Glen Vintage race Bob Dusek #19 C96 p43
98 Lime Rock Bob Dusek #19 C107 p40
00/jul/14 5th OA Ferrari Historic Challenge, Lime Rock Bob Dusek #19
06/jul/23 2nd OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Lime Rock, disc brake race 1, class 5 Bob Dusek #119
06/jul/23 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Lime Rock, disc brake race 2, class 5 Bob Dusek #119

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