0739GT 1957
Ferrari 250 GT Boano High Roof Coupe, Ellena
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1992-94 - at Carrozzeria Autosport in Bastiglia, rebuilt with silver/black 3 louvre, covered headlightsTdF, replica bodywork  
19.. - engine installed from s/n 0769GT (250 GT LWB Cal. Spyder)   
199. - Dries Jetten, Boxmeer, NL "DR-98-99"
2000/aug/28 - Oldtimer Grand Prix Ferraris display  
2005 - engine 0769GT re-united with original car



2000 - at the Oldtimer GP, looks like someone could not make up his mind which style the car should reflect, for this reason the restorer mounted two chrome strips each side, one under the door and one under the door seals


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