0737GT 57
Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet S1, LHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57/oct - Salon Paris Show car
57 - Maitre Villard, Paris, F
88 - John Ridings Lee, Dallas, TX, USA  
88/aug/05 2nd IC FCA Concours Elkhart Lake, class 2  John Ridings Lee
88/aug/21 2nd Pebble Beach Concours  John Ridings Lee TF p178
90/jun/01 2nd IC FCA National Concours Watkins Glen, class 3 John Ridings Lee
94/aug/24 2nd IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 5 John Ridings Lee
97/aug/04 Best Early Ferrari Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester John Ridings Lee C102 p16
00/aug/20 Pebble Beach Concours John Ridings Lee
00 - Friedhelm Loh, Haiger, D
01 - engine on display at Collezione Maranello Rosso, present from Walter Bordese, ex-Ferrari dealership in Turin  
01/apr/08 - offered by Axel Schuette, Techno Classica (engine is stamped 0737GT, but there is an engine displayed at Collezione Maranello Rosso)  
01/mid - Carl-Gustav Diederichs, Remscheid, D
04/jun/04 - William R. Grimsley, CA, USA
07/aug/17 The Quail, Carmel Valley Bill Grimsley
Note :
18/jun/30 - Coys, Blenheim Palace offeres a Replica project with chassis stamped 4105GT which includes engine 0737GT
Lot 366A - No reserve includes an engine from 0737GT 250 GT SI Cabriolet
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