0736TR 58
Ferrari 250 TR Spyder Scaglietti, LHD
Giallo / Nero/rosso
Information from the 0736TR factory test sheets
engine type 128 LM
power 297 hp @ 7300 rpm
bore x stroke 73x58
ccm 2953
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/apr - Ecurie Franchorchamps, Brussels, B "BO 98194"
58/apr/07 5th OA Goodwood
Sussex Trophy
Lucien Bianchi #59 FR p..
58/apr/12 dnq
British Empire Trophy
Oulton Park
Freddy Rousselle #71  
58/apr/19 8th OA Aintree 200 André Pilette #85  
58/may/03 15th OA
Daily Express Trophy
André Pilette #20  
58/jun/01 dnf
lap 26
1000km Nuerburgring Willy Mairesse /
Alain de Changy
#11 PH102 p0 C192 p37
58/jun/21-22 6th OA
laps 279
3rd S3.0
24h Le Mans "Beurlys" /
Alain de Changy
#21 FIC p140     FaLM p36
58/sep/07 dnf
GP Leopoldville Paul Frère #7 EF p106
58/sep/21 2nd OA
laps 65
II GP Angola Alain de Changy #10  
59/may/10 9th OA
5th S+2.0
Helsinki GP
Jacques Croisier #23  
59/jun/20-21 dnf
fuel feed
lap 47
24h Le Mans Lucien Bianchi /
Alain de Changy
#10 FaLM p44
59/sep/06 3rd OA GP Leopoldville André Pilette #10  
59/sep/20 dnf III GP Angola André Pilette #10  
59 - Colonel Ronnie Hoare, UK
59 - inspected at factory, engine 0266D installed
60/may/03 - UK-registered: "RU 8" and used for promotional purposes
62 - advertised in Autosport by F. English LTD, Bournemouth, Poole Road
1958 Ferrari 250 G.T. Testarossa modified as TR 59 with Dunlop disk brakes by Maranello Concessionaires
6. - David Weir, London, UK ... when bought the asking price was £3450!  
64/jan/09 - Dr. Richard S. 'Dick' Wilkins, Northampton, UK  
69. - engine installed from 250 GTE 2+2  
82/oct - review: Pontoon nose with windscreen & closed sides like TR59.
Matching engine specs but not the number
CaS 10/82
8. - Alain de Cadenet, UK  
8. - Edward & John Harrison, UK T&CC 10/82 p54
CaS 8/85 p36
"JFH 1"
8. - brought back to TR 58 specs  
87/may/26 - S - Christie's Monaco auction - PDS 901,320.- ($1,400,000) PH85 p17 CaS 8/87 p13
89 - Michel Seydoux, F  
89/apr/28-01 Mille Miglia Seydoux /
#310 "97 GJS 75"
90/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Seydoux /
91/may/02-05 Mille Miglia Seydoux /
#288 MM91 p99
98/apr - Cavallino Holdings, Seattle, WA, USA - paid $4.0mio
via Bensoussan and Scott Cote
00/aug - has correct engine stamped 0736TR  
00/aug/20 display Pebble Beach Concours John McCaw
00/sep/12 - McCaw spare car in the Colorado Grand  
01/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event, Moroso Dominic Dobson
01/jan/20 Platinum X. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Cavallino Holdings
02/may/02-04 Mille Miglia John McCaw /     Dominic Dobson #372
02/... - changed back from disc to drum brakes  
09/jan/28 - Classiche Certified  
14/aug/17   Pebble Beach Concours, class M-3 John & Gwen McCaw    
18/mar /15 - JSL Motorsports LLC, Redwood City, CA, USA  ...  $44,000,000 J. Lacob
18/aug/18   Monterey Motorsports Pre-Reunion      
18/aug   Casa Ferrari,
Pebble Beach, CA
18/sep/24-30    Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Tour, UT/CO, U.S. Joseph L. Lacob    
19/aug/18   Pebble Beach Concours      
21/aug    Casa Ferrari,
Pebble Beach, CA
21/sep/14-17    Colorado Grand,
Vail, CO
Joseph L. Lacob    
22/aug    Casa Ferrari,
Pebble Beach, CA




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