0735GT 57
Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet S1, LHD
converted from LHD to RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57/sep - Frankfurt motor show car  
57 - Angela Muenemann, Muenchen, D FY57    
"M-HM 500"
.. - modified, outside plug engine from 1213GT, disc brakes, 15" wheels, high ratio differential  
79 - Colin Crabbe, Baston, UK "AFK 88"
SN40 p92
. - converted to RHD by Brian Angliss, UK
.. - front nose damaged by Colin Crabbe, repaired by Brian Angliss of Cobra fame  
83 - Brian Classic, UK
.. - original engine to Eugenio Amoruso, I  
84/may - offered for sale by Brain Classic Ltd., Bucklow Hill, UK T&CC 5/84 p123
.. - Bernard Legeay, F  
.. - Nick Harley, UK  
.. - .............  
98/dec/19 - S - Brooks Gstaad Ferrari auction, SFr. 482,000.- incl. buyer's prem. ($347.040.-)  
99/jan - Talacrest asking PDS 295,000.-  
99/jul - to be auctioned at Coys International Historic Festival  
99/jul - Karl-Gustav Diederichs, Remscheid, D sold in a pre-sale "RS-FE 25"
07/jun/26-27 1st IC Ferrari Concours at Modena Motorsport Track Days, class 1 Karl-Gustav Diederichs C161 p28
12/jun/23-24 Concours d'Elegance, Paleis Het Loo Karl-Gustav Diederichs




The picture in Nowak's book is 0735GT not 0811GT, he probably assumed that
it was 0811GT because it was RHD, not realising that 0735GT had been converted to RHD.




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