0732TR 57/mar
Ferrari 250 TR Spyder Scaglietti, "Lucybelle II", LHD
then repainted white with central blue stripes/red 
1 wiper on driver's side
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
58/mar - J. Edward Hugus, Pittsburgh, PA, USA  
58/mar/22 dnf
lap 85
12h Sebring Ed Hugus /
John Fitch
#19 AR p223 TRJF p43 Oosthoek p143
58 - repainted white with 2 blue central stripes
58/jun/21-22 7th OA
4th S3.0
24h Le Mans Ernie Erickson /
Ed Hugus
#22 Ca9 p4, 47, 51-53        FaLM p36 Mythos p101
59/sep/13 dna Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
Tom Schelble /   Fred Rediske #71
58/sep/18 6th OA
4th CM
SCCA Watkins Glen GP Ed Hugus #22 TRJF p66
59/early - Russell Cowles, Minneapolis, MI, USA
0771GT back to Ferrari Representatives, CA, USA for resale in 1959, after purchasing Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa 0732TR
59/may/17 2nd OA
2nd DM
SCCA Regional Salt Lake BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, GM
Russell Cowles    
59/may/17 5th OA
1st DM
SCCA Regional Salt Lake BM, CM, DM
Russell Cowles    
59/may/24 SCCA Ft. Sumner Russell Cowles #44 Ca9 p58, 59
60 - repainted blue  
60/apr/03 5th OA
4th DM
Examiner GP,
Russell Cowles #24 Ca9 p64, 65, 99, 105
60/jun/26 11th USAC Continental Divide Russell Cowles    
60/jul/3 5th OA
2nd DM
1st Santa Maria Road Races
Russell Cowles #144  
60 - Harry Woodnorth, Chicago, IL, USA - paid $6,000.-  
60 - Dave Deuble, Glennview, IL, USA via Harry Woodnorth  
61/jun/18 acc. Road America, Elkhart Lake, race 4 Ted Baumgartner #71  
- Baumgartner sustained several fractures, and never raced again. The car rolled over, and had mostly cosmetic damage, which was repaired.
61/sep/09 dnf Road America 500, Elkhart Lake Buzz Hahn/         Bill Wuesthoff #71  
- Deuble had the car rolled and badly damaged, rebuilt  
62/jul/01 3rd OA 1st IC Milwaukee main Augie Pabst #71  
6. - Tom Schelble & Dick Candee, Milwaukee, WI, USA  
62 - Dr. Jules A. Slunicko, CA, USA via Harry Woodnorth - paid $8.500.-
73 - Harley Cluxton, AZ, USA - traded in for 275 GTB/4 s/n 10217  
7. - restored
76 - Allen Woodall, GA, USA - 404-561-4127  
83 - Dr. Robert Bodin, Minneapolis, MN, USA PH71 p9,10 Mythos p96-101       "614 421 (MN)"
8. - restored Bob Bodin  
84/aug/23   International Ferrari Concours Robert Bodin    
84/aug/25-26 6th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Robert Bodin    
88   Mille Miglia Sheehan /
Sheehan /
#289 C46 p32      MM88 p143 "614-421"
91 - Kerry Manolas, Piper Point, AUS FOC 90 p18
91/may/02-05 Mille Miglia Kerry Manolas / Bruce Trenery #294
91/aug/08-11 Oldtimer GP, Nuerburgring Kerry Manolas / Spencer Martin #366
91/aug/16-18 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Kerry Manolas
95 - Giorgio Perfetti, Castel San Pietro, CH  
15/may/14-17 Mille Miglia Daniele Perfetti #440



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