0708MDTR 57/sep/02   *** last ***
500 TRC Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
Chassis tipo 518
Engine tipo 131C
No. interno 90/C 
Gearbox no. 19C
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - John von Neumann, Hollywood, CA, USA
5. - raced by John von Neumann  
58/aug/29 - Jack B. Nethercutt, Jr., Brentwood, CA, USA - paid $11,232 + tax  
5. - raced by Jack Nethercutt in West Coast races
58/aug/24 2nd OA Hourglass Field Unlimited Jack Nethercutt #102
58/aug/24 6th OA Hourglass Field 
Jack Nethercutt #102
58/aug/31 15th OA
4th IC
Santa Barbara race 15 Jack Nethercutt #102
58/sep/21 4th OA 1st IC Del Mar
Jack Nethercutt #102
58/sep/28 6th OA Hourglass Field
PCC Round 15
Jack Nethercutt #102
58/nov/09 10th OA Laguna Seca
Sports 2000
Jack Nethercutt #102
58/nov/23 4th OA 1st IC 7th CSCC Pomona road races, race 4 Jack Nethercutt #65
59/jan/31 6th OA 2nd IC 8th CSCC Pomona road races, race 4, preliminary Jack Nethercutt #102
59/feb/01 6th OA
2nd IC
8th CSCC Pomona road races, main Jack Nethercutt
(Richie Ginther never drove)
59/mar/08 12th OA 5th IC Examiner GP, Pomona Jack Nethercutt #102 C138 p29
59 - 2.5l engine 0672MDTR installed  
59/may/30 6th OA 2nd IC Santa Barbara, Preliminary
class DM
Jack Nethercutt #102
59/may/31 5th OA 2nd IC Santa Barbara, race 17, class DM Jack Nethercutt #102
59/jun/07 1st IC Laguna Seca, class DM Jack Nethercutt #2  
59/jun/20 dns 1st Hourglass CSCC road races, class DM Jack Nethercutt #102
59/jun/21 5th OA 4th IC Hourglass Field
WCC Round 9
Jack Nethercutt #102
59/jul/19 dnf
fuel feed
USAC Riverside
Kiwanis GP
Jack Nethercutt #102
59/aug/02 7th Shelton
Jack Nethercutt #102
59/sep/05 5th OA 2nd IC Santa Barbara, Preliminary class DM Jack Nethercutt #102
59/sep/06 5th OA 2nd IC Santa Barbara, race 17, class DM Jack Nethercutt #102
59/sep/27 12th OA USAC Vaca Valley pro amateur road race Jack Nethercutt #102
59/oct/11 dnq GP Riverside 200 Miles Jack Nethercutt #102
59/oct/18 Westwood, CDN Jack Nethercutt #102
60/jan/24 6th OA
2nd DM
Palm Springs
PCC Round 1
Jack Nethercutt #102
61/feb/18 - Lewis M. Kenner, Thousand Oaks, CA, USA - without original engine  
61/mar/11 - Buick V8 Nascar engine installed
72/jun/10 - Peter Boyd, CA, USA (dealer)  
72/jul/30 - Edwin K. Niles, Van Nuys, CA, USA - paid $1,300.-  
72 - engine 0662MDTR bought from William P. Gorshine and installed - corrected in 94  
73/jan/03 - George Sirus, La Habra, CA, USA - paid $3,800.-  
84/aug/25-26   Monterey Historic Races George Sirus #78  
88/jan - John Maher, Melbourne, AUS  
89/may - Nicola Cutrera, 68 Kensington Court, London, UK FSN
Falb p53
90/jan - 94 - completely restored by DK Engineering, Watford, UK, silver/red strip   
90 - engine swapped with 0662MDTR, since then again matching numbers  
94/apr/15 - offered for PDS 400,000 -  has to sell in the next 6 weeks  
94/apr/26 - offered for PDS 375,000  
95/feb - offered for PDS 575,000 by Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK  
95 - Naito, J via DK Engineering  
02/dec - Chantal & Greg Chamandy, Montreal, CDN C138 p26-33
03/jan/25 dns XII. Cavallino Classic Chantal Chamandy
03/feb - cosmetically restored by Wayne Obry
03/apr/02-04 Silver FCA Annual National Meet, Sebring, class 8 Chantal Chamandy
04/jan/24 Silver XIII. Cavallino Classic, Concorso d'Eleganza, class 12 Chantal Chamandy
04/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic Chantal Chamandy
04/aug/14 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Chantal Chamandy #57
04/aug/15 Pebble Beach Concours Chantal Chamandy




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