0704TR 57/jun   ***2nd Prototype ***
250 Testa Rossa 58, RHD
based on 500 TRC chassis, pontoon fender form, beautiful rear end
engine 3.1 l V12
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Scuderia Ferrari
57/jun/22-23 dnf
24h Le Mans Olivier Gendebien /
Maurice Trintignant
#9 FML 15,4 p1
Ca9 p7, 12 FaLM p33
.. - experimental 3.1 litre engine changed for 3.0 litre V12  
57/aug/11 dnf GP Sweden, Kristianstad Masten Gregory /
Wolfgang Seidel
#6 FCR V2 p138 C174 p42
57/nov/03 4th OA 1000km Caracas, GP Venezuela Maurice Trintignant /
Olivier Gendebien
#18 Ca9 p16, 17
58/jan/26 1st 1000km Buenos Aires Phil Hill /
Peter Collins
#2 Ca9 p26, 30
Ca8 p13      C174 p51
58/mar/22 1st OA 12h Sebring Phil Hill /
Peter Collins
#14 TRJF p39     C105 p25, 26 C174 p43     AMS 8/58 p26, 27, 28
58 - converted with transaxle gearbox and 58-style front   FML 15,4 p2
58/may/11 4th Targa Florio Phil Hill /
Peter Collins
#98 FY58              C96 p35       C174 p46
58/jun/01 2nd OA
2nd S3.0
1000km Nuerburgring Mike Hawthorn /
Peter Collins
#4 Ca9 p45
Ca8 p13      C174 p46       TRJF p51 Scarlet Passion p18
58/jun/21-22 dnf 24h Le Mans Mike Hawthorn /
Peter Collins
#12 Ca9 p46
FIC p139 four spoke wheel FaLM p37
58 - John von Neumann, 1767 North Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA, USA                                          - Ferrari Representatives of California
58/oct/12 1st IC   5th OA L.A. Times GP, Riverside Richie Ginther #211 C128 p45
58/nov/08 6th SCCA Laguna Seca prelim John von Neumann #11 PH108 p30     C71 p35
58 ___ ___ von Neumann #211 MK 2/89 p108
59/jun/20 1st OA Hourglass Field prelim, San Diego Richie Ginther #211  
59/jun/21 1st OA
1st DM
Hourglass Field
WCC Round 9
Richie Ginther #211 PH108 p33    C128 p48
59/jul/18 14th OA L.A. Times GP, Riverside prelim Josie von Neumann #112
59/jul/19 11th OA L.A. Times GP, Riverside main  Josie von Neumann #112 C71 p37        C129 p44
59/sep/27 2nd OA Vacaville
Vaca Valley Trophy Dash
Richie Ginther #211
59/sep/27 14th OA Vacaville
Vaca Valley main
Richie Ginther #211
59/oct/11 11th OA L.A. Times GP, Riverside  Josie von Neumann #112 C128 p49
59/dec/04 16th OA 11th IC 5 Lap Governor's Trophy over 2-litres heat, Nassau John von Neumann #52  
59/dec/04 dnf 12 Lap Governor's Trophy over 2-litres heat, Nassau John von Neumann #52  
59/dec/05 5th OA Ferrari race, Nassau John von Neumann #52  
59/dec/06 18th OA 6th IC Nassau Trophy John von Neumann #52 BSW p152
60/jan - Jack B. Nethercutt, Jr., Sylmar, CA, USA
60 - Dick Hahn, Yakima, WA, USA and campaigned by Jerry Grant
60/apr/03 3rd Examiner GP,
Pete Lovely    
60/may/15 2nd OA Shelton Jerry Grant    
60/jun/05 1st Maryhill Loops hillclimb Jerry Grant    
60/jun/12 1st Arlington prelim Jerry Grant    
60/jun/12 1st Arlington Evergreen Trophy Jerry Grant    
60/jul/31 2nd OA Seattle Seafair, Pacific Raceway Jerry Grant #78  
60/aug/14 1st Kent prelim Jerry Grant    
60/aug/14 2nd Kent main senior LM Jerry Grant    
60/oct/16 dnq L.A. Times GP, Riverside Jerry Grant #178 PH108 p31
61/mar/26 1st Shelton prelim Jerry Grant    
61/mar/26 1st Shelton main Jerry Grant    
61/apr/30 1st Kent prelim Jerry Grant    
61/apr/30 1st Kent main Jerry Grant    
61/may/21 1st Shelton main Jerry Grant #78  
61/jun/04 1st Maryhill Loops Hillclimb Jerry Grant    
61/jun/11 1st Vanport prelim Jerry Grant    
61/jun/11 1st Rose Cup, Vanport main Jerry Grant    
61/jun/25 1st Kent prelim Jerry Grant    
61/jun/25 1st Kent main Jerry Grant    
61/jul/30 5th Seattle Seafair Trophy Dash, Pacific Raceway, Kent  Jerry Grant #78  
61/jul/30 dnf (blew tire when leading) Seattle Seafair, prelim, Pacaific Raceway, Kent Jerry Grant #78  
61/jul/30 1st Seattle Seafair, main, Pacific Raceway, Kent Jerry Grant #78  
61/aug/19 3rd Vacaville prelim Jerry Grant #78  
61/aug/20 2nd Vacaville main Jerry Grant #78  
61/sep/17 1st Kent prelim Jerry Grant    
61/sep/17 dnf Kent 2h mian Jerry Grant    
61/oct/15 4th OA Riverside Consolation race Jerry Grant #78  
61/oct/15 14th OA L.A. Times GP, Riverside  Jerry Grant #78  
62/apr/01 dns
Oil pipe
Kent main  Jerry Grant    
62/may/05 dns Westwood Jerry Grant    
62 - Arthur L. True, Seattle, WA, USA
62/jun/17 2nd Portland, Vanport Amateur Arthur True  #38  
62/jul/08 4th Pacific Raceway, Kent main Arthur True  #38  
62/jul/29 5th Seattle Seafair, Kent Arthur True  #38  
62/oct/14 5th OA 1st IC Northwest Sports Car Club Championship finals, Kent Arthur True  #38  
63/jun/02 6th OA 1st IC SCCA Kent Arthur True  #38  
64/sep/06 4th Deer Park Arthur True #38  
67 - when True died in 1967 he left 0704TR as a bequest to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, USA
67 - Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI, USA FA3 p117       C71 p34
C74 p12
97/apr - Abraham "Abba" Kogan, MC (BR)
04/apr - Eric Heerema, UK (NL) C174 p40-51
05 - undergoing restoration by Neil Twyman, London, UK
05/jun/24-26 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Hugh Taylor #38 C149 p16
06/sep/01-03 Goodwood Revival Meeting, Phil Hill Tribute Parade Craig Twyman
07/aug/31-sep/02 - displayed at Goodwood Revival Meeting
08/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Eric Heerema #58 C167 p24
2014/01 … (via Tom Hartley, Derbyshire, UK), £24.1 million
14/aug/17   Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Class M-3 at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Tom Hartley Jr. M3-01  



57/dec/06   Nassau von Neumann #29 PH51 p14
this was 0710TR
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