0666 57   *** 1st Prototype ***
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Scaglietti Spyder, RHD 
based on a 290 MM chassis
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Scuderia Ferrari
57/may/26 10th OA
8th S+2.0
1000km Nuerburgring Masten Gregory /
Olindo Morolli
#7 TES
57/jun/23 dns
piston failure in pre-practice
24h Le Mans Martino Severi /
Stuart Lewis-Evans
#8 in the race r#8T 0684 was used
57/aug/11 dnf
Swedish GP,
Olivier Gendebien /
Maurice Trintignant
#5 FCR V2 p138
57 - rebodied by Scaglietti to pontoon-fender form
57/nov/03 3rd OA
3rd S+2.0
1000km Caracas,
GP Venezuela
Graf Berghe von Trips /
Wolfgang Seidel
#16 Ca9 p16, 17
58/jan/26 2nd OA
2nd S3.0
1000km Buenos Aires Mike Hawthorn /
Graf Berghe von Trips /
after their car retired
#4 AMS 4/58 p27
58/may/11 dnf
Targa Florio Gino Munaron /
Wolfgang Seidel
#104 FY58         C96 p34
58/jun - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
58/jun/21-22 accident
lap 64
24h Le Mans Dan Gurney /
Bruce Kessler
#18 Ca9 p50 FaLM p38
58 - front & rear end damaged, rebuilt in Maranello
59/mar/09 - Rod Carveth, San Carlos, CA, USA - lightblue with orange nose band (with white stripe)
12h Sebring Rod Carveth /
Gilbert Geitner
#10 TRJF p88
59/jun/07 dnf
1000km Nuerburgring Rod Carveth /
Gilbert Geitner
59/jun/20-21 dnf
24h Le Mans Rod Carveth /
Gilbert Geitner
#17 FaLM p44
59/jun - chassis rebuilt with parts from 0760TR  
60 dnq. SCCA Examiner GP, Laguna Seca Phil Hill  
60/mar/27 dna
(5th OA)
SCCA Stockton Rod Carveth #54 5th was 0754TR Jack Graham #4
60/apr/24 3rd OA
1st M5
SCCA Cotati
Modified +1500
Chuck Howard #154  
60/sep/11 SCCA  Regional
Modified, Fjr.
Rod Carveth  
61/jul/15 1st OA
3h Cotati Rod Carveth /
Charlie Parsons
61/aug/20 6th OA
3rd DM
Lew Florence #54  
60/nov/ Cotati Rod Carveth  
60 10th OA SCCA Laguna Seca Rod Carveth  
62/apr/15 11th OA Stockton Rod Carveth #54  
62/may - Beverly Spencer, Hillborough, CA, USA C106 p28 "XMC 573 (CA)"
62 - restored by Ferrari Spencer-Buick Inc., SF, CA, USA
63 - Steve Earle, CA, USA
63/may - offered in R&T by Steve Earle, USA
R&T 5/63 p115
6. - Peter Civati, Redondo Beach, CA, USA
64/may SCCA Santa Barbara  
6. - original engine removed and sold to Pete Lovely
6. - damaged in a garage fire: "When its then-owner believed the aging Ferrari was worth more in cash than as a car, he doused the interior in gasoline and set it on fire."

"The fire was caused by pouring gasoline into the cockpit of the car. It was in pretty sad shape by then anyway with some holes in the body, real engine long gone (to Pete Lovely). But the chassis was intact and undamaged (when we restored it you could see where there had been fire, and we took photos of it, but it was not of enough intensity to hurt the frame.) The car also had a full set of undamaged Borranis on it. It was missing a lot of stuff including the seats, the windscreen and probably some of the instruments. There are some sketchy photos of it then that show a very tired and abused old race car."

70/sep/27 - Charles Betz & Fred Peters, CA, USA
70-88 - completely restored; engine 0724TR (250 TR) installed
88/aug/21 1st Pebble Beach Concours, Comp. class Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
FA3 p116,
PH89 p11
94/aug/24 1st IC International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 29 Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
95/jun/24 1st IC Rosso Rodeo, Beverly Hills Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
96/dec - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $5,0mio 
97/apr/18 Ferrari at 50 Exhibit, Petersen Museum, L.A. Charles Betz /
Fred Peters
97/apr/19 Class Award Rodeo Drive Concours Charles Betz /    Fred Peters
97/apr - still offered by SMC
97/jun - still offered by SMC
97/aug - still offered by SMC
97/aug/17 Pebble Beach Concours Charles Betz /      Fred Peters
97/oct - still offered by SMC
97/dec - still offered by SMC
98/jan/31 2nd IC VII. Cavallino Classic, class 9 Charles Betz /       Fred Peters
98/aug/16 Pebble Beach Concours Charles Betz /     Fred Peters C108 p13
01/may/20 FCA Southwest Region
Inaugural Concours, South Coast Botanical Gardens
Charles Betz
01/may/31-jun/02 Phil Hill Award FCA Annual Meet, Concours, Dallas Charles Betz /      Fred Peters
02/may/23-26 display FCA National Concours, L.A., class 16 Fred Peters /         Charles Betz
02/may/24 - J&M, LLC, Medina, WA, USA  
03/jan/22-26 XII. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley
03/apr/02-04 Gold FCA Annual National Meet, Sebring, class 8 Jon Shirley
04/jan/14 - original engine purchased from Pete Lovely
04/jan/24-25 XIII. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley
04/aug/14-15 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jon Shirley #1
05/jan/20-21 4th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, drum brake race Jon Shirley #4
05/jan/22 XIV. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley
05/feb-06/jul - complete restoration to Le Mans'58 configuration including installation of original engine, correction of nose with vents and other details
06/aug/20 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Jon Shirley C156 p69   FW No. 63 p66
07/jan/26-28 TR Cup XVI. Cavallino Classic Jon Shirley C158 p40, 41
07/jan/26-28 Platinum XVI. Cavallino Classic, class 14 Jon Shirley
07/aug/30-sep/02 Coppa GT Award FCA International Meet & Concours, Corning & Watkins Glen Jon Shirley C162 p64
07/aug/30-sep/02 Phil Hill Award FCA International Meet & Concours, Corning & Watkins Glen Jon Shirley
08/dec/10 - certified by Ferrari Classiche
09/jan/23 5th Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Palm Beach International Raceway, drum brake race Jon Shirley #18
09/aug/11 Best of Show Concours on the Avenue, Carmel-by-the-Sea Jon & Mary Shirley C173 p48
09/aug/14-16 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Jon Shirley #18 C173 p57
11/aug/20 - S - Gooding's Pebble Beach auction - $16,390,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
11/aug/20 - Carlos Hank Rhon, Mexico City, MEX (USA)




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