0653GT 1957/apr/17
Ferrari 250 GT Boano Low Roof Coupe
silver metallic with special trim of beige leather and luxurious "Louis Vuitton"style cloth
(2000 original interior still in the car)
Note: air inlet on bonnet
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1956/dec/20 - delivered to Carrozzeria Boano  
1957/apr/17 - completed  
1957 - Otto Wild, Muri, Aargau, CH - owner of a kettle factory  
1959 - traded in for a Chrysler at AMAG in Bern, CH  
1959 - Dr. Edgar Kreyden, Burgistein, Bern, CH - who bought the car for his wife and had it painted goldmetallic  
1961/jun/05 - Hans Huber, Bern, CH - mileage 38.000 km  
1962/nov/10 - engine rebuilt, original invoice with the car !  
1962 - a lovely picture at circuit of Monthlery showing the Boano still in goldmetallic with Mr. Huber and companion and their race helmets  
1963/sep/21-22 winner of the day 14th National Hillclimb in Mitholz-Kandersteg Huber #266  
1963 2nd Freiburg-Schaunsland hillclimb Huber #76  
1966 - resprayed in Ferrari Dino Rosso, this paint is still in good condition on the car  
1971- Huber sr. gave the car to Huber jr.  
1971-90 - participant in several Ferrari meetings  
1990 - Robert Fehlmann, CH
1990/apr/07 GP de Montreux Robert Fehlmann
2000/may - sold to VSOC Sassenheim with mileage 51.000 km  
2000 - offered by VSOC, Sassenheim, NL 51.000km asking $159.000  
2000/sep/03-04 2nd Paleis het Loo Concours d'Elegance
2000/sep/25 - ................, UK  
2000/nov/05 - KMS International, UK Michael Wilms, G  
2001/may/17-19 Mille Miglia Schukies /           
#305 "WPX 564" (UK)
2002/mar - Jan Storm, NL  
2002 - re-painted gun metallic "AL-45-04" (NL)
2003/may/22-24 Mille Miglia Jan Storm /        
2003/nov/16 - displayed at The Gallery Brummen  
2008/sep/27 25 Anni degli Amici della Ferrari Club Nederland Jan Storm /         Cokky Storm
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia

Jan Storm (Senior)
Jan Storm (Junior)


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