0647GT, 57/mar/07   *** 16th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, LHD
14 louvre
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, Busto Arsizio, I - arrow on the roof over the mirror "VA 53490"
57/mar/31 1st IC Corsa sulle Torricelle hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #412
57/apr/28 1st OA Bologna-San Luca hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #326  FY57 
57/may/05 1st IC Coppa della Consuma Edoardo Lualdi    
57/jun/02 1st IC
1st GT+2.6
Coppa Lombardia Edoardo Lualdi    
57/jun/30 2nd IC Mont Ventoux hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi    
57/aug/18 1st OA Trapani-Monte Erice hillclimb, 8.55.4 = 93,597 kmh Edoardo Lualdi #1308   
57/sep/01 1st OA Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #62 AGSB p186
57/sep/08 2nd OA
Coppa InterEuropa,
Edoardo Lualdi #81 AMS 20/57 p50
57/sep/15 1st OA Coppa del Cimino Edoardo Lualdi    
57/oct/06 1st IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #152 T-O p215
57/oct/13 1st IC Coppa Leopoldo Carri,
Edoardo Lualdi    
57/nov/10 1st OA
1st GT+2.0
Campionato Sociale Scuderia Arena Edoardo Lualdi    
57 1st IC Trofeo della Montagna Edoardo Lualdi    
58 - Alberto Quadrio-Curzio, I
58/apr/27 1st OA Coppa San Marino,
Serravalle-San Marino hillclimb
Alberto Quadrio-Curzio #324 FY58
58/may/04 2nd OA Bologna-San Luca hillclimb Alberto Quadrio-Curzio    
58/sep/07 6th OA
Coppa InterEuropa,
Alberto Quadrio-Curzio #78 FBZ p76
58 - Peter Helm, CA, USA  
67 - crashed by Helm and broken up for spares by Ed Niles  





1st Replica

9. - a replica constructed by Alwin Hietbrink and Piet Roelofs for Pieter Boel in Holland finished in 2006 which apparently began in the 1990s.



2nd Replica

06 - a 2nd replica appeared obviously using 1051GT (250 GT PF Coupé) as a donor and owned by Mel Farrar, UK; red/tan  
06/jul/01-02 FOC UK Concours, Walton Hall Mel Farrar


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