0640MDTR 56
Ferrari 500 TR Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - Franco Cortese, I  
- factory sold car to Franco Cortese as Monza
56/jun/10 1st OA GP Adriatico, Abbazia
( Opatija, Yugoslavia )
Franco Cortese #44 FY56
56/jun/17 1st OA Circuito di Caserta,
Franco Cortese    
56/jun/24 11th OA
8th S2.0
GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Franco Cortese /
56/jul/07 2nd OA
2nd S2.0
Circuito di Reggio Calabria Franco Cortese #54  
56/jul/22 6th OA GP Bari 2000 Franco Cortese #4
56/jul/29 7th OA
3rd S2.0
VIII. Giro delle Calabrie Franco Cortese
56/aug/18 4th OA
4th S2.0
GP Pescara Franco Cortese #46  
56/aug/25-26 4th OA 5h di Messina
( Notturna Messinese )
Franco Cortese #21 BdN p114
56/sep/30 1st Circuito di Sassari Franco Cortese    
56 4th OA Coppa Shell,
Franco Cortese    
56/oct/20-21 6th OA
5th S2.0
Roma GP,
6 ore di Castelfusano
Franco Cortese    
56 - Italian Sportscar Champion 2000cc
56/nov/04 11th OA  6th S2.0 II GP Venezuela,
Franco Cortese #20  
57/apr/14 ...
Giro di Sicilia Mennato Boffa #332 2 front impact accidents
1st middle and left front fender 2nd right front fender
57/apr/27 2nd Napoli Mennato Boffa #..
57/jun/09 9th OA
4th S2.0
VI. GP Portugal, Monsanto circuit Franco Cortese #8
57/dec/01 15th OA
7th S2.0
6 Ore Esso Vallelunga Franco Cortese    
58/apr/13 5th OA
5th S2.0
Coppa Shell
Franco Cortese  
58/apr/27 6th OA
6th S2.0
GP Napoli,
Franco Cortese #...
58/may/11 7th Targa Florio C62 p20
was a TRC 0682MDTR
58/may/15 2nd S+1.5 Internationales Flugplatzrennen,
Franco Cortese #12
58/jul/06 4th OA Circuito di Sassari Franco Cortese    
58/jul/20 ... 10h di Messina Franco Cortese /
Gaetano Starrabba
58/oct/05 7th OA
3rd S+1.5
Flugplatzrennen Innsbruck, Krannenbitten Franco Cortese #89  
 - further history unknown -
04/apr/26 - a chassis apparently stamped '0640MDTR' is auctioned by Bonhams Hendon sale. The catalogue description says nothing about 0640MDTR's fate after 1958. Information is given as such:

"Derek Lees acquired the chassis frame offered here with this Lot, from Antique Automobiles Ltd. of Peterborough in March 1979. We understand that these components had been located and acquired in Brazil not long before that time. The chassis frame and associated body and other parts were plainly very old, and had been - absolutely typically - quite hard used."

04/apr/26 - together with this frame is auctioned engine 0706MDTR

"In 1980 Mr Derek Lees purchased an original Ferrari 500 Testa Rossa 4-cylinder engine to return chassis '0640MDTR' as far as practicably possible to its original configuration. This engine - offered here as part of this Lot - is serial number '0706MDTR' which Mr Lees bought via Ferrari authority Stan Nowak from Grand Prix SSR & Co. in New York - for $15,500."

04/apr/26 - S - Bonhams Hendon auction - PDS 210,500 + VAT
04/apr -  Richard Martin, UK  
15/sep - restored to original configuration ... displayed at Modena Motor Gallery  
2016/may/19-22   Mille Miglia MARTIN Richard / BOUCH Paul (GB/GB) #389  



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