0619GT 1957/mar/28    *** 14th ***
Berlinetta with a wrap-around rear window 
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti 'TdF', LHD
renumbered to
0805GT in December 1957
medium grey
no louvre
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1957/mar/28 - Autoval, F  
1957/mar/28 - Pierre Noblet, F - alias 'Pertin'  
1957/may/19   Coupe Fernandez Pierre Noblet #20 "5353 BW 59"
1957/jun/16 1st OA Rally Jeanne d'Arc Pierre Noblet    
1957/sep/15-21 8th OA Tour de France Pierre Noblet /
Cavrois "Lorica"
#163 TdF p114 Pourret p99, 248
1957 - traded in at Modena  
1957/dec - renumbered to 0805GT (numbers swapped)  
1958/feb - Carlos Kauffmann, Caracas, VEN  
1958/feb - Julio Pola, VEN for driver Ettore Chimeri "NF 6536"
1958/may/11 1st GT Copa Ciudad de Valencia Ettore Chimeri #6  C95p23
1958 - cooling slot added above front grill
1958/jun/14-15 1st OA Vuelta Aragua-Maracay Ettore Chimeri #6 FY58          C95 p22
1958/nov/22 7th OA
7th GT+2.6
IV. GP de Venezuela, Palmarejo-Caracas Ugo Tossa #819
1959 - raced, crashed, send back to Modena, being rebodied with early 58 style TdF body with open headlights and bumperettes Pourret p55
1959 - Myrko Mertlick, VEN "NF 6536"
1961 - .........., FL, USA  
1970 - Chris Prewitt, USA  
1971 - Avi Brand, Woodbury, NY, USA  
1972 - Mark Derish, NY, USA  
1972 - Dick Scoby, Bradenton, FL, USA  
1974 - Alberto Predretti, Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, NY, USA  
1974 - Dick Scoby, Bradenton, FL, USA  
1975 - Alberto Pedretti, Wide World of Cars, Spring Valley, NY, USA  
1976 - William Fazzano, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA  
1982 - Fabrizio Violati, Roma, I MK12/91
PH41 p31
C75 p34
1986/may/01 Mille Miglia Violati /                   Scelba #254
1989/may Mille Miglia Thiebat /                  D'Alpaos #289 MM89 p155
1990/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Thiebat /                D'Alpaos #317
1990/dec/01 - displayed in Violati's "Collezione Maranello Rosso", San Marino
1991/may/02-05 Mille Miglia Otaki /                   Sakamoto  #308 MM91 p128,129, 131
1992/may/21-24 Mille Miglia  Sandias /                    Nociti #196 MM92 p104 Archiv 196
1993/may/13-16 Mille Miglia Cannizzaro /           Cannizzaro #266
.... - Sebastian Vettel, SF Pilot
20/early - at Carrozzeria Zanasi, Maranello. Restored to original specs. No louvre TdF. Painted french blue  

0619GT renumbered 0805GT
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