0614MDTR 56
Ferrari 500 TR Spyder Scaglietti, RHD

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56/apr - Chinetti, NY, USA  
56/apr - displayed at the New York Auto Show  
56/apr/24-may/06 - displayed at New York International Auto Show, NYC Coliseum, U.S. Purchased there by William Helburn, but delivery stalled until later that year under pretense of necessary “safety checks” for the new model.  
56 - for promotional reasons leased by Chinetti to John Edgar so he could enter Carroll Shelby at the Giant’s Despair / Brynfan Tyddyn racing weekend, while 0652MDTR was still in Europe.  
56/jul/20 1st
SCCA “Giants’ Despair Hill Climb”,
Laurel Run, PA

Carroll Shelby #128
56/jul/21 1st OA
1st EM
SCCA “Brynfan Tyddyn”, Harvey’s Lake,
Wilkes-Barre, PA
race 5
Carroll Shelby #128 NASCR p173   56/sep R&T p16, 17 
56/sep - William Helburn, NY, NY, USA  
56/sep/15 accident
International Sports Car GP, Watkins Gen,
race 6
William Helburn #121 NASCR p182
56/oct/28 SCCA Thompson,
race 6
William Helburn #91
56/dec/07 ... 5 Lap Governor's Trophy
heat classes E & F,
William Helburn #122 C135 p24
56/dec/07 17th OA
8th E
20 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau William Helburn #122
56/dec/09 14th OA
6th E
Nassau Trophy William Helburn #122
57/feb/25 5th OA
2nd S2.0
Cuba GP,
William Helburn /
Olivier Gendebien
57 - Boris Said, USA
57/dec/01 10th OA
3rd E
Tourist Trophy,
Boris Said #84
57/dec/06 dnf
34th OA
5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F, Nassau Boris Said #84 BSW p96
57/dec/06 3rd OA
1st E
15 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau Boris Said #84
57/dec/08 6th OA
1st E
Nassau Trophy Boris Said #84
58/feb/24 15th Cuba GP Boris Said  #34 was 0668MDTR
58 - James Place, Waukegan, Ill, owned Auto Part Store, IL, USA
('99 still racing in the Ferrari Challenge)
58/sep/07 5th OA
1st EM
Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
James Place /    Ken Neill #13
58/sep/13 3rd OA
SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 3
James Place #31 red flagged
58/sep/14 3rd OA SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 1
James Place #31
58/oct/12 3rd OA
1st EM
SCCA Regional Wilmot James Place #31  
59/may/02-03 15th OA
3rd EM
SCCA National Virginia
BM, CM, (DM), EM, FM, GM
James Place #113
59/may/17 14th OA
4th EM
SCCA National Cumberland,
James Place  #113  
59/may/31 7th OA Meadowdale,
race 505
James Place #113 C153 p22
59/jun/21 dnf Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 4
James Place #73  
59/jul/05 8th OA USAC Meadowdale,
race 404
James Place #113
59 - Chevy V8 engine installed
59/aug - engine installed in 0650MDTR  
59/sep/05 USAC Meadowdale,
race 3
James Place #113
59/sep/06 ... USAC Meadowdale James Place #113
.. - .... with bright stripe  
60/jun/19 dnf
Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
International June Sprints
race 6
James Place #31
60/jul/23-24 dnf
race 5
James Place #31
60/jul/31 dnf
USAC Road America 200 miles,
Elkhart Lake
James Place #31
60/aug/06 dnf
SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 5
James Place #31
60/sep/11 dnf
Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
James Place /
Jack Zalinger
60/oct/02 dnf
race 6
James Place #33
60/oct/16 dna
200 miles
James Place #33  
6./early - Bob Dritz, Chicago, IL, USA  

"The car was sold to me in the early 60's by bill of sale (no title) by the wife of the then-current owner who had just died in a race (possibly Jim Place, the name sounds familiar).

Note from the Editor
Not James Place he still raced in 1972 various open race cars like Lotus and Lola

The car was in sad shape at the time, (just a shell of oxidized aluminum and tubular frame) so I relocated it from the South Side of Chicago to a garage on the North Side where it languished for several more years, until late in 1968.

Soon-to-be-married, and strapped for cash, I sold it to a group of enthusiasts from Wisconsin who trailered it home on a flatbed with the hopes of restoration. I had hoped that they would contact me with updates but, alas, they never did." 

(Bob Dritz as per e-mail from 8th December, 2000)


68/late - Terry Fox, Iola, WI, USA - paid $3.500.-  
77/... - found by Bruce Craig Lavachek, AZ, USA but was unable to negotiate a deal  

89's – purchased by Bruce Craig Lavachek and placed into dry Storage awaiting restoration


10/... - Non matching numbers engine starts to be rebuilt by Bob Wallace (possibly his last engine he did, it was 95% finished when he died)
.. - engine
0650MDTR will  be installed after completion

12/Aug - Car sent to England and arrives at DK Engineering for a total restoration for same owner who has had the project for 30+ years
Relatively complete, chassis and 80% of body was saved

13/Jan – Restoration in progress at DK Engineering  
15/sep 13th OA Goodwood Revival
Lavant Cup
David Cottingham #36  
16/sep/1-3 Best of Show  Salon Privé Concours d'Elégance, Blenheim Palace, Oxon., UK      
2020/dec/.. - ...................., ..
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