0614MDTR 56
Ferrari 500 TR Spyder Scaglietti, RHD

Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - William Helburn, NY, NY, USA  
56/sep/15 accident
International Sports Car GP, Watkins Gen,
race 6
William Helburn #121 NASCR p182
56/oct/28 SCCA Thompson,
race 6
William Helburn #91
56/dec/07 ... 5 Lap Governor's Trophy
heat classes E & F,
William Helburn #122 C135 p24
56/dec/07 17th OA 8th E 20 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau William Helburn #122
56/dec/09 14th OA 6th E Nassau Trophy William Helburn #122
57/feb/25 5th OA 2nd S2.0 Cuba GP,
William Helburn /
Olivier Gendebien
57 - Boris Said, USA
57/dec/01 10th OA 3rd E Tourist Trophy,
Boris Said #84
57/dec/06 dnf
34th OA
5 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E & F, Nassau Boris Said #84 BSW p96
57/dec/06 3rd OA 1st E 15 Lap Governor's Trophy heat classes E, F, G & H, Nassau Boris Said #84
57/dec/08 6th OA 1st E Nassau Trophy Boris Said #84
58/feb/24 15th Cuba GP Boris Said  #34 was 0668MDTR
58 - James Place, owned Auto Part Store, IL, USA
('99 still racing in the Ferrari Challenge)
58/sep/07 5th OA
1st EM
Road America 500, Elkhart Lake James Place /    Neill #13
58/sep/13 3rd OA
SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 3
James Place #31 red flagged
58/sep/14 3rd OA SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 1
James Place #31
58/oct/12 3rd OA
1st EM
SCCA Regional Wilmot James Place #31  
59/may/02-03 15th OA
3rd EM
SCCA National Virginia
BM, CM, (DM), EM, FM, GM
James Place #113
59/may/17 14th OA
4th EM
SCCA National Cumberland,
James Place  #113  
59/may/31 7th OA Meadowdale,
race 505
James Place #113 C153 p22
59/jul/05 8th OA USAC Meadowdale,
race 404
James Place #113
59/jun/21 dnf Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
race 4
James Place #73  
59 - Chevy V8 engine installed
59/sep/05 USAC Meadowdale, race 3 James Place #113
59/sep/06 ... USAC Meadowdale James Place #113
.. - .... with bright stripe  
60/jun/19 dnf
Road America,
Elkhart Lake,
International June Sprints
race 6
James Place #31
60/jul/23 Meadowdale,
race 5
James Place #31
60/jul/24 dnf Milwaukee
James Place #31 conflicting dates
60/jul/24 dnf Meadowdale,
race 5
James Place #31 conflicting dates
60/jul/31 dnf USAC Road America 200 miles,
Elkhart Lake
James Place #31
60/aug/06 SCCA Regional Meadowdale,
race 5
James Place #31
60/oct/02 dnf Meadowdale,
race 6
James Place #33
60/sep/11 dnf
Road America 500,
Elkhart Lake
James Place / Zalinger #33
6./early - Bob Dritz, IL, USA  

"The car was sold to me in the early 60's by bill of sale (no title) by the wife of the then-current owner who had just died in a race (possibly Jim Place, the name sounds familiar). The car was in sad shape at the time, (just a shell of oxidized aluminum and tubular frame) so I relocated it from the South Side of Chicago to a garage on the North Side where it languished for several more years, until late in 1968.

Soon-to-be-married, and strapped for cash, I sold it to a group of enthusiasts from Wisconsin who trailered it home on a flatbed with the hopes of restoration. I had hoped that they would contact me with updates but, alas, they never did." 

(Bob Dritz as per e-mail from 8th December, 2000)


67 - engine installed in 0650MDTR  
68/late - Terry Fox, Iola, WI, USA - paid $3.500.-  
77/... - found by Bruce Craig Lavachek, AZ, USA but was unable to negotiate a deal  

80's – purchased by ?? and placed into dry Storage awaiting restoration


10/... - Non matching numbers engine starts to be rebuilt by Bob Wallace (possibly his last engine he did, it was 95% finished when he died)

12/Aug - Car sent to England and arrives at DK Engineering for a total restoration for same owner who has had the project for 30+ years

13/Jan – Restoration in progress at DK Engineering  
15/sep 13th OA Goodwood Revival
Lavant Cup
David Cottingham #36  
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