0597GT 57/jan/01   *** 12th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
*** 2nd 14 louvre TdF *** 
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
57 - Eugenio Lubich, I - Scuderia Trentino "VE 34837"
57/mar/31 2nd IC Toricelle hillclimb Eugenio Lubich    
57/may/11-12 43rd OA
10th GT+2.0
Mille Miglia Eugenio Lubich /
Luigi Villotti
#436 Red Arrows p164, 262     FY57
57/sep/01 3rd GT IC
Aosta-San Bernardo hillclimb Eugenio Lubich    
57/oct/06 dnf Trieste-Opicina hillcimb Eugenio Lubich #164
58/may/11 dns Targa Florio Armando Zampiero /
Luigi Villotti
58/jun/01 26thOA
2nd GT3.0
1000km Nuerburgring Armando Zampiero /
Luigi Villotti
#42 "VE 34837"
58/jun/08 1st OA Coppa Citta Asiago Luigi Villotti    
58/jun/21-22 2nd OA Mille Miglia Rally Luigi Villotti /
Armando Zampiero
58/jul/06 7th OA,
3rd GT
Bolzano-Mendola hillclimb Luigi Villotti    
58/jul/13 8th OA
2nd IC
Trento-Bondone hillclimb Armando Zampiero
58/aug/02 2nd OA
1st GT
X. Giro delle Calabrie Armando Zampiero / Gastone Zanarotti    
58/aug/15 2nd IC Großer Bergpreis von Oesterreich, Gaisbergrennen Luigi Villotti #89 "VE 34837"
58/aug/17 4th OA
4th GT+1.6
Internationales Auto- und Motorradrennen,
Flugplatz Zeltweg
Luigi Villotti #95  
58/sep/07 4th OA Coppa InterEuropa,
Armando Zampiero #79  
58/sep/14 4th OA
1st IC
I. Stallavena-Bosco Chiesanuova hillclimb Luigi Villotti  
58/oct/05 4th IC Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Luigi Villotti "VE 34837"
58 - Antonino Todaro, I - alias "Syracuse"  
59/mar/15 3rd OA
2nd IC
Avola-Avola Antica hillclimb Nino Todaro    
59/may/07 2nd OA
1st IC
Valdesi-Santuario S. Rosalia hillclimb Nino Todaro    
59/may/24 dnf Targa Florio Nino Todaro /
59/jun/29 1st OA
XII. Coppa della Sila/             V. Targa Catalani Nino Todaro    
59/aug/23 1st OA Fasano-Selva di Fasano hillclimb Nino Todaro    
59/oct/04 1st Coppa Nissena
Capodarso - Caltanissetta
Nino Todaro    
59/nov/04 1st Trofeo Bettoja Nino Todaro
60/jan/31 9th OA
1st IC
1000km Buenos Aires Nino Todaro /
Gino Munaron
#50 C177 p54
6. - Mark Rigg, UK  
75 - K. Knight, UK  
90 - Christopher Mann, UK  
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival, Silverstone Christopher Mann
93/may/13-16   Mille Miglia Mann /
93 - offered for $622,000 - red/black  
93/dec- Landhurst Leasing, 071-240-5529 CaS 12/93 p141
FML V19N5 p7 pic
94/jan - offered in CaS - Famous racing history. Phone: 071-240 5529 office, 0875805 anytime
9. - Richard Thwaites, UK "EMO 340C"
04/jun - offered by Hall &  Bradfield, UK - asking $2,250,000:

"The car has recently undergone a full and sympathetic restoration including a comprehensive engine rebuild by Hall & Fowler, a repaint to the original colour and a retrim in deep burgundy leather. The car is ready for road and competition use and will be welcome at the most prestigious events in the historic motoring calendar"

05/feb - still offered by Hall & Bradfield, UK CaS 2/05 p53
05 - José Maria Fernandez, Madrid, E - paid PDS 1,0mio
05/may/19-22 Mille Miglia Fernandez /
07/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Fernandez /
.. - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA
14/aug/17 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Leslie Wexner   C203 p60


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