0596CM 56
Ferrari 410 Sport Spyder, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56 - SF - 2 extra bubble on bonnet left and right from air inlet for extra distributors  
56/jan/29 dnf
1000km Buenos Aires Peter Collins /
Luigi Musso
#44 C157 p34 C158 p7 Mythos p36
driver pairing could also be Fangio / Castelotti 0598CM  
56 - Logan, S  
56 - Sture Nottorp, S FY57
7th OA
5th S
Swedish GP, Kristianstad Sture Nottorp /
Ivar Andersson
56 - Sture Nottorp was about to enter Mille Miglia. Tom Brahmer claims he was sabotaged by the factory…  
2 headrests for MM 57 but not driven SuR p153
57/may/11-12 dns Mille Miglia Sture Nottorp /       Tom Brahmer #521 C157 p35
57/sep - offered in AMS 19/57 p38:

"Ferrari Super America Competizione

4,9 l, 400 PS. Nur 2 Rennen gefahren. Das erste Mal in Buenos Aires 1956, das zweite Mal in Kristianstad. Danach generaldurchgesehen. Steht jetzt in der Fabrik Modena. Wird an den Meistbietenden verkauft. Anfragen: 70035 Gumaelius Annoncenbüro, Stockholm (Schweden)."

57/nov/01 - offered for $10,500 in R&T by Nottorp
58 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA - N.A.R.T. ?
58 - repainted blue with white stripe
58/aug/31 Mansfield,
race 4
A.D. Logan #26
58/aug/31 1st Mansfield
R. Jones #26
58/sep/21 dns Galveston R. Jones
5. - Bruce Danielson, CA, USA - blue/white  
58/dec/07 dns
Nassau Trophy
Bruce Danielson #99 BSW p123
59/feb/01 dns Pomona,
Bruce Danielson #99
59/feb/01 dns Pomona,
Robert White #99
59/mar/07 10th OA USAC Pomona Skip Hudson #99
59/mar/08 3rd OA
1st CM
USAC Pomona Skip Hudson #99 FA3 p54
59 - repainted red
59/apr/05 6th OA 1000km Daytona Skip Hudson #99  
59/jul/19 dnf
oil pressure
lap 23
Kiwians GP,
Skip Hudson #99 FY 59
59/oct/11 7th OA
3rd CM
Riverside 200 miles
L.A. Times GP
Bob Oker #60 FA1 p50
59/nov/19 - offered for $9,000 by Danielson in Motoracing
60/sep/01 - offered for $9,000 by Danielson in R&T p92
60 - A.D. Logan, OK, USA
6. - Jim Hall, USA
6. - Carl Bross, Detroit, MI, USA
6. - displayed at the Larz Anderson Museum, Massachusetts, USA
71 - Colin Crabbe, UK - red
71 - Philip Walters Dowell, Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire, GB
72/may/21 International Trophy, Silverstone Colin Crabbe #20
72/sep - Pierre Bardinon, Aubusson, F - Mas du Clos, cosmetically restored C194 p7 Mythos p36-41
87/may/22 - displayed at Cartier 'Hommage a Ferrari' exhibition, Paris, F
95/feb -offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $2,1mio   
95/oct - Yoshiho Matsuda, Tokyo, J  
95 - displayed at Matsuda's Ferrari Museum of Art C92 p24
97/dec - Talacrest Ltd., Egham, UK -  PDS 2,25mio  
98/feb/10 - Carlos Monteverde, London, UK (BR)  
98/jul/24-26 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Carlos Monteverde
98/sep/18-20 Goodwood Revival Meeting Carlos Monteverde
98/dec - offered by Talacrest asking $3,5mio  
99/mar - William Bauce, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USA  
99/mar - Carlos Hank Rhon, Mexico City, MEX - paid $3,5mio  
01/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event,
Carlos Hank Rhon sr. #88
01/jan/19 dns Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge,
Moroso Park,
Drum brake race
Carlos Hank Rhon jr. #88
01/aug/18 - S - RM's Monterey auction - $3,475mio + comm.
01/aug/18 - Lawrence Bowman, Redwood City, CA, USA - paid $3,8mio  
0. - repainted yellow
05/aug/21 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Larry Bowman
05 - Brian Ross, Cortland, OH, USA ... Cavallino Investments C157 p32-41
06/jan/21 Best of Show Comp. XV. Cavallino Classic Brian Ross C152 p39
06/jan/21 Platinum XV. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Brian Ross
06/mar/10-12 11th Annual Amelia Island Concours Brian Ross C153 p20
06/may/31-jun/04 Phil Hill Award 42nd FCA Annual Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC Brian Ross C154 p28
06/may/31-jun/04 Platinum 42nd FCA Annual Field & Driving Concours, Washington DC, class 1 Brian Ross
06/aug/18 The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, Carmel Valley Brian Ross
06/aug/20 display Pebble Beach Concours, Ferrari Classiche Display Brian Ross
07/jan/26-28 XVI. Cavallino Classic Brian Ross
07/jun/24 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance Brian Ross
08/apr/26-27 Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Brian Ross
09/aug/22-23 Best Sports Car Milwaukee Masterpiece - Style & Speed Showcase Brian & Kim Ross
16/dec/03 Best of Show Ferrari Classiche Race Ferrari Award – Best Race Ferrari Finali Mondiali Daytona, Florida
Ferrari Classiche Concours
Brian & Kimberly Ross    
2020/mar/08 The Borla Trophy Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Cavallino Investments    
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