857 Sport

0570M(D) 55   *** 1st of 4 ***
Ferrari 750 Monza Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
modified to
Ferrari 857 Sport Spyder Scaglietti, RHD 
Chassis tipo 510 
Engine tipo 119
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55 - Scuderia Ferrari - as 750 Monza with 3-liter 4-cylinder engine
55/may/29 dnf III. GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Piero Taruffi / Maurice Trintignant #14 1000km Monza p20
55/jun - 2-liter 4-cylinder engine installed - as 500 Mondial  
55/jul/03 1st OA XV. Bolzano-Mendola hillclimb Eugenio Castellotti #308 FY55
2nd OA
1st S2.0
IX. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Eugenio Castellotti #138 PeG p168, 169 Castellotti p108
55/jul - refitted again with Tipo 119 engine (750 Monza)  
55/jul/23-24 1st OA
1st S3.0
IV. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Eugenio Castellotti / Maurice Trintignant #6 Castellotti p111
BdN p85-87, 90, 91
55 - modified to 857 Sport specs, wider & higher elliptic grill, 2 humps on the bonnet added, rear modified to "fianchi alti"
55/sep/17 6th OA
6th S3.0
Tourist Trophy,
Eugenio Castellotti /
Piero Taruffi
55/oct/16 3rd OA
3rd S+2.0
Targa Florio Eugenio Castellotti /
Roberto Manzon
#116 Castellotti p114, 115
55 - George Tilp, Short Hill, NJ, USA  
55/dec/10 4th OA
144.2 miles
232.067 km/h
Straightwy Speed Trials,
Phil Hill #20
55/dec/10 2nd OA
Alberto Ascari Memorial Trophy (Ferrari race),
Phil Hill #20
55/dec/11 1st OA
1st C
Nassau Trophy,
Phil Hill #20 BSW p20
56/mar/24 dnf
engine, bearings
12h Sebring Phil Hill /
Masten Gregory
#20 white with blue nose band
56/jun/17 2nd OA GP di Porto
Circuito da Boavista
Phil Hill #10  
56/nov/04 2nd OA
1st CM
Palm Springs Road Races
SCCA National
Phil Hill #2 PH52 p21
56 1st Beverly, MA Phil Hill #3 PH52 p29 ???
56/dec/07 3rd OA 3rd C 5 Lap Governor's Trophy
heat classes B, C & D,
Phil Hill #1 C135 p20
56/dec/07 dnf
19th OA
11th C
20 Lap Governor's Trophy
heat classes B, C & D,
Phil Hill #1
56/dec/09 dnf
fuel leak after accident
37th OA
Nassau Trophy
Phil Hill #1
57/feb/24 dsq
push start
Cuba GP,
Phil Hill /
#14 white with blue nose band
57/jun/09 dnf
VI. GP Portugal,
Monsanto circuit
Phil Hill #18 as a 3 liter ?
57/sep/29 3rd OA
3rd CM
SCCA Bridgehampton Inaugural Races,
race 7
Phil Hill #93 Finn p168
58/jan - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
5. - William C. King, USA
- Chevy V8 engine installed 
59/jun/06 7th OA
3rd IC
USAC Lime Rock C. Maggiacomo #55 NASCR p417
59/jul/05 ? Meadowdale,
race 404
C. Maggiacomo
59/jul/25 16th OA USCA Lime Rock,
heat 1
C. Maggiacomo #55 NASCR p418
59/jul/25 13th OA USCA Lime Rock,
heat 2
C. Maggiacomo #55
59/jul/25 9th OA USCA Lime Rock,
heat 3
C. Maggiacomo #55
59/aug/09 dnf SCCA Montgomery,
race 7
William King #155 NASCR p355
59/aug/23 SCCA Vineland,
race 1
William King #28
59/sep/26 dnf
SCCA Watkins Glen Grand Prix William King #108
60/mar/15 10th OA
2nd BM
SCCA National Cumberland,
William King #14
.. - Fred Spross, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
60/oct/22   SCCA Regional,
Lime Rock
Fred Spross  
61/apr/22 6th SCCA Regional,
Lime Rock
Fred Spross  
61/jul/01 dnf SCCA Regional,
Lime Rock
Fred Spross #47
61/sep/16 2nd SCCA Divional,
Lime Rock
Fred Spross  
6. - Edward Battye, USA (Morton Wood?)
65/may/14 dna SCCA Regional Cumberland, novice race Edward Battye #73
66 - Ralph R. Stefano, 704 2nd Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, USA - 272-9912
(advertised as 3.5 liter Testa Rossa)
66 - sales ad claims engine installed in 0636MDTR (500 TR)  
76 - Robert N. Dusek, Solebury, PA, USA  



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