0563GT 56/sep/10   *** 10th ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TdF, all alloy, LHD
no louvre
Tipo telaio 508
Tipo motore 128
French racing blue with blue/white/red stripes
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56/sep/10 - Racing Sport Srl., Torino, I and leased to Jacques Peron, Nice, F "TO 214813"
56/sep/17-23 8th OA Tour de France Jacques Peron /
Jacques Bertramnier
#75 TdF p108 Pourret p246
56/oct/07 2nd Coupes du Salon, Montlhéry Jacques Peron #25  
57/mar 1st Rallye de Forets Jacques Peron    
57/apr/07 4th OA
2nd GT
Coupes USA,
Jacques Peron #8  
57 2nd IC Rallye Printemps Jacques Peron    
57/jun/02 3rd Rallye Armagnac Jacques Peron    
57/jun/16 8th
GP Paris,
Jacques Peron    
57/jun/30 1st Rallye Algier, (Algier) Jacques Peron    
57/jul/13 dnf
12h Reims Jacques Peron /
Jean Lucas
57/aug/08 1st Razal Race Jacques Peron    
57/sep/16-22 5th OA Tour de France Jacques Peron /
#171 MK95/5 p162   TdF p119 Pourret p99
57/oct/06 2nd OA
2nd GT
Coupes du Salon, Montlhéry Jacques Peron #17  
58/mar/16 1st Rallye de Forets Jacques Peron /
#... FY58 picture showing 1031GT
58/mar/20-23 dnf Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières  Jacques Peron #128  
58/apr/07 7th 3h Pau Jacques Peron #61 Pourret p45 
58/apr/13 3rd OA
Coupes de Vitesse,
Jacques Peron #.  
58/apr/27 1st IC Cote de Plainfoy Jacques Peron    
58   Routes du Nord Rallye Jacques Peron #6  
58 - back to factory
59/nov - Bruce Kessler, Beverly Hills, CA, USA via Ferrari  
60 - Ron Wakeman, CA, USA  
73 - Larry Taylor, SF, CA, USA
73 - crashed MK p9/89 p103
83 - Richard W. Gent, South Euclid, OH, USA
8. - restored by Joe Piscazzi's Auto Body & Tom Selby
89/jun/02 2nd 25th FCA Concours Lake Lanier Island, class 6 Richard Gent
9. - restored again by Bob Smith Coachworks, TX, USA
01/jan/20 Platinum X. Cavallino Classic, class 3 Richard Gent
01/may/31-jun/02 Forza Ferrari Award FCA Annual Meet, Concours, Dallas Richard Gent
03/aug/17 2nd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Richard & Diane Gent
08/mar - Tony Schwartz, Calabasas, CA, USA
08/aug - RM Auctions, CDN
08/aug/16 - NS - RM's Sports & Classics Monterey auction - highbid $3,9mio (€2.650.717.-) (estm.: $4,0-5,0mio)
08/aug - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA
08/oct - still offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA C167 p21
09/jan/24 XVIII. Cavallino Classic RM Auctions
09/may/17 - S - RM's Leggenda e Passione Maranello auction - €2.31mio incl. buyer's prem. C172 p80
09/may/17 - Martin Gruss, NY, NY, USA
10/jan/22 8th OA Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Drum race, Palm Beach Int. Raceway Martin Gruss #75
10/jan/23 Spirit Cup XIX. Cavallino Classic Martin Gruss
10/jan/23 Platinum XIX. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Martin Gruss
11/jan/22 XX. Cavallino Classic Martin Gruss
12/jan/19-20 3rd IC XXI. Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach International Raceway, drum brake race Martin Gruss #75
12/may/17-20 Mille Miglia Martin Gruss / Tony Dutton #371 C190 p17
13/may/16-18 dnf Mille Miglia Martin Gruss / Michel Bragard #417 C196 p12, 14 "PC120K (FL)"
13/may/24-26 Mention of Honour Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este, class I Martin Gruss
14/apr/07-12 Tour Auto Martin Gruss /
Michel Brogard
14/jul/04-12   Ferrari Le 250 Tornano a Casa Tour Martin Gruss   C203 p31
14/sep/08 - S - RM's London auction - £4,872,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
14/sep/08 - Adrian Labi, London, UK
2017/sep/10   Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration Maranello      



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