0503GT 1956/may/08   *** 1st ***
Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti "TdF", all alloy, LHD
no louvre, 508-513/128
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1956 - Dr. Augusto Caraceni, Roma, I "MO 53672"
1956 - Olivier Gendebien, B
1956/apr/08 4th OA
1st GT+2.0
XVI. Giro di Sicilia Olivier Gendebien / Jacques Washer #254
compare headlights
FY56 (#111 250C)
1956/apr/28-29 5th OA
1st GT+2.0
Mille Miglia Olivier Gendebien / Jacques Washer #505 "BO 63402" prova Red Arrows p151, 256                TMM p177
PH91 p20
FMT p48          C90 p19, 21, 23 Pourret p306
1957 - Erasmo Simeoni, Venezia, I - alias "Kammamuri"  
1957/may/11-12 15th OA
5th GT+2.0
Mille Miglia "Kammamuri" /    Vincenzo Bellini #442 "BO 81046" prova Red Arrows p165, 264                FY57
Pourret p44
2nd OA Garessio-Colle San Bernardo hillclimb "Kammamuri"    
died after crash
Coppa delle Cimino "Kammamuri"    
1957 - returned to factory
1958 - rebodied with 58 style TdF body - open headlights  
1959 - Prince Zourab Tchkotoua, Paris, F  
1959/sep/09 2nd IC Faucille Hillclimb Tchkotoua    
1959 3rd IC Pontedemico-Giovi Tchkotoua    
1959/sep/18-25 dns Tour de France Tchkotoua /                Testut #167  
196. - Gene Ledford, Washington D.C., USA  
1977 - Thomas E. Thompson, Camp Springs, MD, USA  
1982 - Joe Marchetti, Chicago, IL, USA
1982 - Stan Zagorski, USA - 914-688-2202 F: 914-688-2027  
1983/sep/15-18 Ferrari Days Modena Michael Marchetti #177
1984 - Michael Leventhal, Chicago, IL, USA
1984/may/24- Mille Miglia  Leventhal /
#185 MM84 p131
1985 - Robert Rubin, NY, NY, USA
1986/may/01- Mille Miglia Rubin /
1987/dec/31 - Mike Sheehan's EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA via Fantasy Junction for $430k  
1988/feb - offered by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA for $550k
1988/apr - offered by EAS, Costa Mesa, CA, USA for $495k   
88/apr - Reiner Simon, CH - paid $480k "GE 299975"
1988 - Robert Gregory, Dallas, TX, USA PH87 p6
1989/may/27 - offered in FML for $1,550mio
1989 - restored by Bob Smith Coachworks, Gainesville, TX, USA to '56 configuration
1990/may/17-20 acc. Mille Miglia Robert Gregory /          Phil Reilly #285 C58 p21
1990 - car was crashed during MM90 and then rebuild again to '56 body, restored by Bob Smith Coachworks
1992/may/21-24 Mille Miglia Robert Gregory /       Foley #295 MM92 p110      FML N17 V19 p17 "MO 53672"       C71 p20
1992/aug/23 Class M2 
Pebble Beach Concours Robert Gregory C72 p9             PH106 p20
1992/sep/21-26 Colorado Grand Robert Gregory
1992-95 - stored in Switzerland
1995/apr/26-29 Tour de France Auto Robert Gregory /          Phil Reilly #115 C90 p24               "BE 111503"
1998/oct - Jack Croul, Newport Beach, CA, USA - $900.000.-  
1999/may/06-08 dns Mille Miglia Jack Croul /             Viaro
2019/aug/18   Pebble Beach Concours d´Elegance, Casa Ferrari      


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