0490AM 55/apr 1 of 7
375 MM Coupe Speciale Pininfarina, RHD
Two-tone ivory with deep blue roof/tan
fender line looks like the coming TdF with two extentions (tail fins)
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55/mar/10 - entered "PF" plant FP p118 
55/apr/20-may/01 - Torino show car SuR p89
SN40 p35
Falb1 p14   C160 p3
55 - Inico Bernabei, Roma, I (official dealer)  
56 - Count Antonio Vaselli, Trevignano di Acquapendente, I
60 - Chinetti Motors, NY, NY, USA - all red  
60 - Ed Weschler, Nashotah, WI, USA - paid $8,000.- "Q32 502 (WI)"
71 - Carl De Bickero, Palos Heights, IL, USA "715 166 (IL)"
71/apr/23-25 8th Annual FCA Meeting, "Chez Glenwood" Banquet Hall Carl De Bickero
72 - Lawrence Slattery, Chicago, IL, USA - 20,990miles C142 p3 
02/nov/01 - Manny del Arroz, Diablo, CA, USA C134 p46-55 C148 p39-47
03-04 - completely restored by Wayne Obry's Motion Products, Inc., Neenah, WI, USA ... re-painted Torino Show Car livre
04/aug/15 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Manny del Arroz "168 RZH"
04/aug/17-19 Luigi Chinetti award FCA International Concours, Monterey Manny del Arroz
04/aug/17-19 Platinum award FCA International Concours, Monterey, class 2 Manny del Arroz
05/jan/22 GT Ferrari Cup - Best of Show GT XIV. Cavallino Classic Manny del Arroz
05/jan/22 Platinum XIV. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Manny del Arroz C146 p39
05/apr/22-24 2nd IC Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Manny del Arroz
06/jan/19-22 XV. Cavallino Classic Manny del Arroz
0. - Peter Regis, UK via Tom Edwards
10/jul/03-05 Festival of Speed, Goodwood, Cartier Style & Luxe Concours Martin Chisholm
11/feb/02-06 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F by RM Auctions
11/may/21 - S - RM's Villa d'Este auction - €3,36mio incl. buyer's prem.
11/may/21 - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA ... re-painted all "VS red"
15/jan/24 Cavallino Classic Leslie Wexner
16/jan/23 Cavallino Classic Leslie Wexner
21/... - .............., ..  
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