0489SA 56/may/09
Ferrari 410 Superamerica S1 Coupe PF, 
2.800mm wheelbase
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
56/may/09 - D. Fernando Mascarenhas de Fronteira, Lisboa, P
56/jul - Fernando Mascarenhas personally flew to Italy to take possession of his new car, 0489SA. While on his way back to Portugal he stopped in Madrid on Saturday, 4th, August 1956 for a private race against a friend. In this race he hit a large stone killing himself.
56/aug/04 - crashed
5. - repaired in the workshop of Palma, Morgado & Cia, P
57/aug/04 - Grosser Preis von Deutschland as spectator at the Nuerburgring  "GD-34-52" (P)
.. - Dick Watson, USA
68/sep/15 FCA Meeting, Bridgehampton Can-Am Dick Watson
73/jul/06-08 FCA Can-Am Meeting, Atlanta Dick Watson
92 - Bob Shepard, USA  



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