0484LM 54
121 LM (446S) Spyder Scaglietti, RHD
446S - 3litre 6-inline
chassis type 509
engine type 121
then first 118LM
wheelbase 2400mm
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Scuderia Ferrari
54/late - Experimentale Type 306 S (3.0 Litre) installed
then updated to 3.7 litre and run at the 1955 Buenos Aires GP
55/jan/23 dnq
incorrect entry into pits
1000km Buenos Aires Froilan Gonzalez / Maurice Trintignant #10 C166 p50
55/jan   GP of City of Buenos Aires
Formula Libre race,
heat 1
Umberto Maglioli #36 C166 p51
55/feb/20 6th OA IV. Circuito do Maracana
P. Lanat    
55 - returned to the factory again and the chassis was lengthened from 2260mm to 2400mm  
1st OA
1st S+2.0
XV. Giro di Sicilia Piero Taruffi #438 Taruffi p133
oil pump
Mille Miglia Piero Taruffi #728 "BO 46418" prova        Red Arrows p142, 143, 252      Taruffi p145
oil pump
GP Bari Piero Taruffi #38  
55/may/28 5th OA
5th S+1.5
Giuseppe Farina  #4  
55 - converted to 121LM  
55 - rebodied by Scaglietti PH110 p18
the car in the
is not 0532LM    C93 p15
55/summer - Tony Parravano, L.A., CA, USA - red with white-dark blue-white stripes  
55/aug Modena tests Carroll Shelby C166 p52 SuR p128 PH52 p13
55/aug/27 dnf
Daily Herald Trophy,
Oulton Park
Carroll Shelby #50  
I. GP Venezuela
Caracas - Los Proceres
Umberto Maglioli #4  
disq. for push start
Torrey Pines
6 Hours
Lou Brero Sr. #285  
57 - Parravano escaped from the IRS and went to Mexico  
57/feb/25 dna Cuba GP,
Bart Spiegelman /
Eric Hauser
1st OA
1st CM
Palm Springs Road Races
PCC Round 4
Phil Hill #2 R&T June'57,
p 38-9      C93 p17 C166 p55
58 - sold by U.S. Customs Service to Roland Grandmaison, Coronado Island, CA, USA  
58 - Italia Motors which was run by Jack Brumby & financed by Dr. Rey Martinez  
58/aug/31 4th OA
1st CM
Santa Barbara Ken Miles #53  
59/jan/31 dna Pomona GP Jack Brumby #151  
59/mar/08 dnf
Pomona GP Tony Bettenhausen #38  
59/jul   Pomona Troy Ruttman #38 Falb p54
59 - Bob Sorrell, L.A., CA, USA who was Parravano's mechanic  
59/oct/11 accident Times GP, Riverside Rodger Ward #163 C166 p58
85 - Sorrell sold all the spares and the cars, most of which went to David Cottingham, DK, Engineering, UK  
86 - Peter G. Sachs, Stamford, CT, USA via Chris Renwick, plus a spare engine $100k C166 p50-59
8. - restored by Eno DePasquale C90 p9
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Peter Sachs
95/jun/24-25 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Peter Sachs #85 C89 p9
96/sep/27-29 Louis Vuitton Classic, Rockefeller Center, NY Peter Sachs
01/jan/18-19 X. Cavallino Classic Track event, Moroso Peter Sachs #73 C122 p30
01/jan/19 2nd OA
1st IC
Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge, Moroso Park, Drum brake race Peter Sachs #73
01/jan/20 Silver X. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Peter Sachs
01/jan/20 La Coppa per 6 Cilindri X. Cavallino Classic Peter Sachs
04/aug/14 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Peter Sachs
04/aug/15 3rd IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-3 Peter Sachs
07/mar/11 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance Peter Sachs
07/jun/22-24    Goodwood “Festival of Speed” Peter Sachs #121  

.. - Leslie H. Wexner, OH, US

22/jan/20-23 Cavallino Classic, Palm Beach, FL Leslie H. Wexner    


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