0476AM 55/nov   ***1 of 7***
375 MM Coupe Ghia, LHD
Salmon/metallic grey
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
55/mar - Torino motor show car FW7
FOC 86 p9
55 - New York Auto show car
55 - Robert C. Wilke, Milwaukee, WI, USA via Chinetti  
70 - Wilke died; car passed on to his son Ralph Wilke - 12,000m
74 - Dr. Robert E. Steiner, Milwaukee, WI, USA
84 - Ken Behring's Blackhawk Collection, Danville, CA, USA  
86 - Erich Traber, Berne, CH C78 p27 
90/feb/09-18 - displayed at Retromobile, Paris, F C57 p40
92/sep/04-06 BFOCS 20th anniversary meeting, Buergenstock Erich Traber
02/dec/20 - NS - Bonhams Gstaad auction



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