0398TF 54/mar/20
Ferrari 375 Plus Spyder PF, RHD
PF job no. 12570
Max Meyer racing red 02093
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Scuderia Ferrari  
54/sep/13 - according to factory's build sheets "revisionato a nuovo" at factory  
54 - Diaz Saenz Enrique Valiente, ARG FAlb2 p32
54/dec/19 1st OA Buenos Aires Saenz Enrique Valiente #201
55/jan/23 1st OA
1st Sports
1st S+3.0
1000km Buenos Aires Saenz Enrique Valiente / Jose Maria Ibanez #4  
55/feb/27 1st OA National Mar del Plata Diaz Saenz Valiente    
55/apr/03-04 1st V. Automobilists Association GP,
National Rosario
Circuito del Parco
55/apr/17 2nd OA GP Sport di Otono
IX. Autumn GP,
Buenos Aires 
55/jul/10 1st II. Independenzia GP, Buenos Aires Valiente    
55/jul/13 1st GP Inverno a B.A Valiente   55/aug/28
55/aug/14 1st El Bosque Valiente    
55/aug/28 1st OA GP Inverno a B.A
Buenos Aires
55/sep/11 1st GP Tres Arroyos Valiente    
1956 1st Argentine Championship of Sports Cars Diaz Saenz Valiente    
56/jan/29 dnf
1000km Buenos Aires Diaz Saenz Valiente / Jorge Camano #45 C77 p26
56 - Valiente was later killed when his light aircraft crashed into a hill FY56
57 - Luis Milan, ARG  
57/jan/20   1000km Buenos Aires   #18  
57/jul/26 1st Circuito di Buenos Aires Milan #23 FY57
58 1st El Penon Milan   FY58
59 5th GP Buenos Aires Primavera Milan #1 FY59
83 - offered by Vintage Car Store, Nyack, NY, USA (as the 1954 LM winning 375 Plus) C18 p45
84/apr - D. Ron Walker, USA  
84/aug/23 International Ferrari Concours Don Walker
84/aug/25-26 dnf Monterey Historic Races Bob Norwood
.. - restored by Francois Sicard, USA C20 p17
90 - restored by DK Engineering, UK FOC 89 p6
90 - Ralph Lauren, NY, NY, USA  
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Froilan Gonzalez C84 p32, 34
97/aug/04 Award Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester Ralph Lauren
05/mar/16-jul/31 - displayed in the Fine Arts Museum, Boston, MA, USA C149 p21
11/apr/28-aug/28 - displayed at "L'Art de l'Automobile" - The Ralph Lauren Collection at Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, F C187 p56




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