0380AM 54 1 of 7
375 MM Berlinetta PF, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54 - Geneva Show Car SuR p87 
54 - Conte Innocente Baggio, I  
54/jun/02 5th OA
5th IC
Coppa della Perugina, XI. Giro Automobilistico dell'Umbria Innocente Baggio /
Umberto Masetti
#1014 CdP p161
stranded in the
sandbanks of
Tertre Rouge
24h Le Mans Porfirio Rubirosa /
Innocente Baggio
#18 Falb p12
FMT p66
Sports and Gran Turismo Cars p66 Émotion Ferrari p105, 106
54/oct 2nd OA
1st IC
Treponti - Castelnuovo hillclimb Innocente Baggio
60 - LM as spectator  
64 - Peter Helm, 8201 Kirkwood Drive, Hollywood, CA, USA (actor)               96 - lives now in Kansas (ask Peter)  
.. - Chevy V8 engine installed  
.. - original engine installed in 0364AM (375 MM)
96/feb - Roger L. Wheeler, Huntington Beach, CA, USA (pilot, divorce war ... car may be hidden)  
96/jul - lengthly search, possibly destroyed  



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