0366AM 53 - not renumbered - 16.nov.53
Ferrari 375 MM Spyder PF, RHD
PF job.no. 12562,
telaio tipo 102,
motore tipo 102,
cambio 102 no. 11D,
ponte tipo 102 no. 9a
radiator port access hatch hinged at its rear edge
air inlet on rear fender like 0370
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Casimiro de Oliveira, P FP p154
53/dec/20 dns
in practice
12h Casablanca Casimiro de Oliveira /
Alberto Ascari
as PF Spyder
1st OA
1st S+2.0
9h Hedemora GP Casimiro de Oliveira #1 FY54
54/jun/27 dnf GP Porto Casimiro de Oliveria #17
54/jul/25 dnf GP Portugal,
Casimiro de Oliveira #9
54/sep/09 7th OA
Skarpnäck airfield
Casimiro de Oliveira #36  
55/early - sent back to factory & rebodied by Scaglietti  
55/may - Tore Bjurström, S Motor Racing 55/jun p208
(damaged when
hitting a tree!)
Helsinki GP,
Valdemar Stener #7  
55/aug/07 dna GP Sweden, Kristianstad Valdemar Stener #27 raced 500 Mondial
56/may/10 2nd OA
2nd ser. S+2.0
Helsinki GP,
Valdemar Stener #17  
5th OA
GP Sweden,
Hammarlund /
Allan Borgefors
#34 FY56
56/aug/26 8th OA
8th S+1.5
Allan Borgefors #7  
.. - damaged in a fire, repaired in Italy  
.. - Bertil Wiman, S (Engine serviced by Nils Wilhelmsson)  
.. - Gunnar Fristedt, S "L 80811" 
.. - nose modified to look like a smiling fish with nostril nose with a small oval hole below Ferrari-badge. Leopard imitation on seats, velour in engine bay and flake paint
.. - Åke Andersson, S (28,000 Sek - shot down from 45,000 Sek)  
7. - Richard Cederlund, S TCF p54, 56
FOC 95 p30
C57 p22
72 - added a grill, didn't look much better… Engine overhauled by Lasse Bortz  
83 - restored by Graypaul Motors, UK  
83/jul - FOC Concours  
8. - engine overhauled at Sports Cars Fisksjöäng, S  
87/aug - offered by Leif Nilsson, Blabarsgatan 8; S-23400 Lomma, S 46-40-410959  
87 - Per Arwidsson, S  "JLS 513"
92/jul/25-26 Christie's Intern. Historic Festival,
Richard Cederlund
92/sep - Lord Charles Brocket, Brocket Hall, UK  
92/sep - offered for $1,300,000.-  
92/dec - asking $1,000,000.-  
93/mar - Ferrari of Los Gatos, SF, CA, USA - paid $850,000 via Mark Ketcham  
93 - Charles Wegner, Chicago, IL, USA - paid $1,6mio  
93 3rd IC Ferrari nationals, classified rebodied Charles Wegner Archiv-Rebmann
93/may/13-16 Mille Miglia Charles Wegner /
Scott Cote
#201 "82236 B2"
93/jun/11 3rd IC FCA National Concours Palm Beach Gardens, class 16 Charles Wegner
93/aug/20   The Quial Charles Wegner    
93/sep - offered by Ferrari of Los Gatos, SF, CA, USA in  FML  
9. - offered by Lake Forest Sportscars, USA for $1,2mio  
94/jul - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,1mio  
94/aug/24 International Ferrari Concours, Monterey, class 28 Bill Noon
94/oct - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,1mio C83 p1
94/dec - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,1mio C84 p1
95/jan - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,1mio C85 p1
95/apr - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA for $1,1mio C86 p1
95 - Stan Zargorski, NJ, USA  
95/sep - Mark Ketcham, SF, CA, USA  
96/jul - Giuseppe Calgaro, Vicenza, I - paid $1,05mio  
97/may/01-03 dns Mille Miglia Calgaro /
98/jan/15 - Scott Rosen, NY, USA - paid $1,5mio  
98/feb - restored nose altered (now from Monza to 410 S style)  
98/aug/16 Pebble Beach Concours Scott Rosen
98/sep Colorado Grand Scott Rosen /        Jody Rosen
99/jan - Christopher Cox, Chapel Hill, NC, USA  
99 - Oscar Davis, Elisabeth, NJ, USA - paid $4,5mio  
00/jan/20-21 IX. Cavallino Classic track event, Moroso Oscar Davis
00/jan/21 IX. Cavallino Classic Tour di Palm Beach Oscar Davis
00/jan/22 Silver IX. Cavallino Classic, class 11 Oscar Davis C116 p47
02/mar/09 - S - RM's Amelia Island auction -
Lot 118 $1,925mio incl. buyer's premium
02/mar/09 - Graeme Revell, CA, USA "54529 (CA)"
03/may/22 Mille Miglia Revell /
04/may/06-09 Mille Miglia Revell /
#313 C142 p24
05/feb - offered by Morris & Welford, LLC CaS 2/05 p65
05/apr - offered by Morris & Welford, LLC CaS 4/05 p61
05/aug/20 - NS - RM's Monterey Sports Car auction
Lot 257 est. $2,900,000 - 3,200,000
Not Sold highbid $2,225,000
0. - Oscar Davis, Elizabeth, NJ, USA (still or again?)
08/may/18 Francesco Baracca Award 24th Annual Reading Ferrari Concours Onofrio 'Frank' Triarsi
09/jan/24 XVIII. Cavallino Classic Onofrio 'Frank' Triarsi
2020/mar/08   Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance      
22/aug/19-20 - RM Sotheby's Monterey Est. $10,000,000 - 12,000,000  
Note : ?55 - ... - GP Sweden - Stener ???; F96/1



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