0350AM 53/jun
Ferrari 340 MM Vignale Spider, RHD
Night blue, white indicator light between 3 and 4 grill grate
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Sterling Edwards, SF, CA, USA  
53/oct/18 1st OA
1st C
2.5h Reno
National Sports Car Races, Stead AFB,
race 5
Sterling Edwards #26  
53/oct/25 dna Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Turner AFB
Sterling Edwards #76
53/oct/25 dns Sowega National Sports Car Races,
Strategic Air Power Trophy,
Turner AFB
250 miles
Sterling Edwards #76
53/nov/08 23rd OA 7th CM National Sports Car Races, March AFB,
race 4
Sterling Edwards #53
54/feb/07 1st OA Palm Springs
Sterling Edwards #26  
54/mar/21 dnf Bakersfield Sterling Edwards    
54/apr/10-11 1st OA
1st C
Pebble Beach
Sterling Edwards #26c MHAR90 p87
FML 19,17,p3
54/jun/06 2nd OA
2nd C
SCCA National Golden Gate Park,
Sterling Edwards #26  
54/aug/08 1st OA
1st CM
Seafair races,
Sterling Edwards #26  
54/sep/04 dns Santa Barbara
Sterling Edwards #26  
54/nov/07 4th OA
4th CM
March AFB,
Orange Empire National race
Sterling Edwards #26  
54 - offered by Edwards for $8.000.-
55 - Jim Pauley, USA  
55 - open air intake on bonnet added, repainted red T&CC 2/82 p53
55/jun/18 1st British Empire to Edenvale Jim Pauley    
55 - Ernie McAfee, L.A., CA, USA   
55 - Tom Bamford, Woodland Hills, CA, USA (James E. Chapman)
55/jun/18 2nd OA
1st CM
L.A. Sports Car Races, Hansen Dam
modified +3.0
Tom Bamford
55/jun/19 2nd OA
1st CM
L.A. Sports Car Races, Hansen Dam
race 12
modified +1.5
Tom Bamford
55/jul/10 dnf
Torrey Pines
Tom Bamford #1
56/feb/26 dnf
Oil leak
Palm Springs
WCC Round 2
Tom Bamford #111  F96/1 p36
56/nov/25 4th OA
2nd CM
Mansfield Louisiana
Ernie Miller #50  
56/nov/25 20th OA
2nd CM
Mansfield Louisiana
BM, CM, 300SL, UR
Ernie Miller #50  
58 - Sabu Dastagir, Chatsworth, CA, USA (Indian actor)
63/dec - Sabu Dastagir died of a heart attack, car remained at his estate
69 - Ernest D. Mendicki, Monte Vista, CA, USA  
75 - Harley E. Cluxton III., Phoenix, AZ, USA - GTC  
7. - Donald Dethlefsen, Lake Forest, IL, USA
79 - Peter J. Agg, GB
80 - David Cottingham, GB "3408 MM"
80-81 - completely restored by DK Engineering, GB; dark blue-white T&CC 2/82 p50-53
84 - Sherman M. Wolf, Boston, MA, USA "340 MM"
84 - repainted red
84/aug/23   International Ferrari Concours Sherman Wolf    
84/aug/25-26   Monterey Historic Races Sherman Wolf    
86/may/01   Mille Miglia Sherman Wolf / David Cottingham #150 MM86 p141
87/may/21   Mille Miglia Sherman Wolf / Geils #203 MM87 p71
88/may/05   Mille Miglia  Sherman Wolf / Carlson #196  
89/apr/28   Mille Miglia Sherman Wolf / Mangiamele #167 C53 p32-35 
90/may/18 acc. Mille Miglia Sherman Wolf / Wolf #194  
90 - respainted in original color scheme
90/sep/18-23 Colorado Grand Sherman Wolf #64 FbV p186
93/may/13-16 dns Mille Miglia Sherman Wolf / Wolf    
94/aug/23-30   FCA National Meet, Monterey Sherman Wolf    
94/aug/26-28 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Sherman Wolf
97/sep/15-20 Colorado Grand Sherman Wolf / Scott Wolf
98/sep Colorado Grand Sherman Wolf / Steven Wolf
00/aug/20 Pebble Beach Concours Sherman Wolf
00/sep   Colorado Grand Sherman Wolf / Edwards    
12/aug/18 - S - Gooding & Co.'s Pebble Beach auction - $4,73mio (€3,831mio) incl. buyer's prem.
12/aug/18 - Leslie Wexner, New Albany, OH, USA




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