0346M 53/jul/09
numbered 0146E
166 MM/53 Berlinetta PF, RHD 
PF job no. 12239
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
The only 166 MM bodied by Pininfarina
1 of 13 upgraded and superior “tipo” 166 MM/53
53 - Kurt Zeller, Hammerau (Obb.), D (chassis and engine numbered to 0146E prior to delivery) "AB 39-4060"  SuR p73 
53/aug/30 dnf
ran out of fuel
1000km Nuerburgring Kurt Zeller /
Walter Zeller
53/oct/25   Tour Automobilistique du Belgique Kurt Zeller #56 FY53
Tipo166 p92
FA9 p162
FSN         C155 p42
54/apr/30 Tulpen Rally,
Kurt Zeller #16 C57 p35
57 - Kurt Zeller died
.. - German car dealer  
.. - US military person  
.. - series of US owners ... At some point the engine failed and was exchanged  
74 - Greg Miller Lawrenceville, GA, USA  
79/sep - Gerry Sutterfield, West Palm Beach, FL, USA   
.. - found in Miller's backyard in Georgia with small trees growing in and around it
.. - 250 GT engine installed  
99/may - original engine which had been located by Wayne Sparling a number of years previously, was given to Gerry Sutterfield
01/dec - asking $900,000 in need of restoration  
02/oct - purchased by DK Engineering, Watford, UK - undergoing restoration  
04 - repainted in the original colours dark blue with silver top
05/may - offered by DK Engineering, Watford, UK CaS 5/05 p68
05/sep - Henk P.N. Koel, NL C155 p41-49 "AM-01-52"
06/apr/22-23 Concorso d'Eleganza, Villa d'Este Henk Koel C154 p32
06/sep/02-03 Best of show Concours d'Elegance, Paleis Het Loo Henk Koel C156 p56   FW No.63 p12
07/jun/24 3rd IC 60 anni Ferrari, Concours d'Elegance, class 10 Henk Koel
09/jun/29-30 Modena Motorsport Trackdays, Nuerburgring Henk Koel
17/June - presented to Ferrari Classiche at the factory for certification  
17/dec/19 - Ferrari Classiche Red Book Certified  



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