0337AL 53/dec/22
Ferrari 375 America Coupe Vignale, LHD 
Light yellow with ivory roof/Arbo tan verde 
Chassis tipo 104 
Engine tipo 104 
Gearbox tipo 104
Engine no. interno 6D 
Gearbox no. interno 44D
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/apr/21-may/02 - Torino Motor Show car  
54/may - John Shakespeare, Centralia, IL, USA via Luigi Chinetti  
54/jun/06 1st IC Chanute AFB IN, Concours Class B Production John Shakespeare
55/apr - displayed at NY Sports Car Show  
.. - .............., USA
6. - engine & gearbox replaced by Chevy/Oldsmobile rear axle  
.. - ............., CT, USA
75 - George S. Murtha, Canton, CT, USA - dark green/grey met. roof
75/sep/26 - Basil D. Shadlun, Howell, NJ, USA FbV p182
.. - found engine, gearbox rear axle in OK, USA  
90 - still owned by Shadlun; unrestored  
97 - Joseph W. Moch, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
98/jan/14 - SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - paid $150,000.-
98/jun - offered by SMC asking $550,000.-  
99/jan - still offered by SMC, now for $450,000.-  
99/feb - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - green/green
99/apr - still offered by SMC
99/apr - Tom Shaughnessy, San Clemente, CA, USA (backed by Randy Simon)  
02/aug/16 Concorso Italiano Tom Shaughnessy
06/apr - offered in FML by Shaughnessy, asking $795,000.- in need of restoration
07/may/29 - Heinrich Kaempfer, Seengen, CH
07/sep - undergoing complete restoration
07 - new factory replacement engine, no. "GP07" installed
09/may - restoration completed by Kaempfer C179 p36-45 "AG 3999"
09/jul/30 Best of Show 45th Annual FCA National Field & Driving Concours, Elkhart Lake Heinrich Kaempfer C173 p20
09/aug/16 Enzo Ferrari Award Pebble Beach Concours Heinrich Kaempfer C173 p53
09/aug/16 1st IC Pebble Beach Concours, class M-2 Heinrich Kaempfer
09/aug/22-23 1st IC Milwaukee Masterpiece - Style & Speed Showcase, class 1 Heinrich Kaempfer
11/aug/20 - S - Gooding's Pebble Beach auction - $2,200,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
11/aug/20 - Scott D. Morris, Kearney, NE, USA
14/aug/15   The Quail - A Motorsports Gathering, The Great Ferrari class Scott D. Morris  




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