0320AM 53/jun/07
340 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta, RHD
(factory car changed to 375 MM)
Engine numero interno: 70/MGearbox numero interno: 17/A
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Scuderia Ferrari  
53/apr/27 - 600mm Tipo 340MM chassis delivered to the Pinin Farina Factory for fitting of “Special Le Mans-1953” coachwork  
53/apr/27 - Assembly Data Sheets identifies that on this date the chassis and supension were completed and signed of by mechanics, Silingardi, Torlai , Nicolini and Cioni. All work was supervised by foreman Sig. Franchini  
53/jun/08 - Assembly Data Sheets identifies that on this date the gearbox was completed by mechanic Giusti and supervised by foreman Franchini. Completed as the second of three Factory Team 340 Mille Miglia Pinin Farina Berlinettas (0318AM, 0320AM & 0322AM). Chassis No. 0320AM was built on Pinin Farina Job No. 12236. Pinin Farina identifies these three vehicles as “Tipo 340 / 375 Special Le Mans-1953”. Upon completion, and while still owned by the Scuderia Ferrari, were turned over to Franco Cornacchia’s Scuderia Guastalla for testing and evaluation  
53 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I  
as 340 MM
illegal refueling
24h Le Mans Mike Hawthorn /
Giuseppe Farina
#14 FP p92
FEO p485 FaLM p21 Émotion Ferrari p87 "BO 23063"
Hawthorn in chassis No. 0320AM, while running second behind 0318AM pulled into the pits just after completing the 12th lap to have his brakes checked. In the pits the brakes were bled for safety and the reservoir topped off. An obscure pre-war Le Mans rule stipulated that no fluids (oil, water etc...) could be added until at least 28 laps were completed. This highly dangerous rule was protested by Ferrari and, for the 1954 race, thrown out. However with the 1953 race over, there was nothing Ferrari could do.
53 - All three 375 MM Berlinettas were returned to the Pinin Farina workshops where the nose of each car was reworked and given covered headlights for better high speed penetration. The rear glass area was also extensively reworked with a much smaller rear window being fitted.  
53/jul/25 dnf 24h Spa Alberto Ascari /
Luigi Villoresi
#6 Delsaux p93
53/aug/09 dnf
IX. Circuito di Senigallia Luigi Villoresi    
53/aug/15-16 1st OA
12h Pescara Mike Hawthorn /
Umberto Maglioli
#28 Coppa Acerbo p379
53/sep/18 - Assembly Data Sheets identify that on this date the engine and gearbox were overhauled and new drum brakes fitted by mechanic Walter Sghedoni and supervised by foreman Franchini  
53/oct/07 - Certificato d’Origine, No. 0354 was issued and dated for 0320AM  
53/nov/19-23 6th OA
6th S+1.6
Carrera Panamericana
Mario Ricci /
Forese Salviati /
Umberto Maglioli
#23 HMRR p90
CPM p274
FEO p354 C186 p20
53/dec/06 1st OA Circuit of Guadelupe Umberto Maglioli    
53/dec/13 2nd Guadalajara Umberto Maglioli    
54 - Luigi Chinetti, NY, NY, USA
55 - Mark & Louise Schellenberg, Denver, CO, USA
56 dns La Junta airport race Mark Schellenberg
57 - a woman crashed into the nose of the car on Monaco Boulevard in Denver, hence a new nose was made. Crash damage repaired, fenders reshaped, nose lowered by Charlie Lyon, Denver, CO, USA, at the same time the small rear window was removed and the wraparound window installed CaS 5/01 p42
57 Granny Johnson Memorial Concours Mark Schellenberg
5. - ............, TX, USA
58 - Richard F. Merritt, Bethesda, MD, USA
58 - William Rhodes, Boulder, CO, USA - paid $3,000.-
58 - William DeCreeft, Montclair, CA, USA "PLW 297"
../... - ................., Alaska (Fisherman)  
70 - Gene Curtis, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA ... paid $4,500
71/... - ad in the newspaper for a Competition Ferrari non runner by Gene Curtis  
71 - Stephen Griswold, Berkeley, CA, USA  
71/... 5 year restoration
Stephen Griswold "The only part of the body that had been altered was the nose and it was beautifully made so I decided to leave it ,as it was done in period and part of its history.
The engine had lost its long stroke 375GP crankshaft and now had a crankshaft from a 340MM.I decided to leave this when the magnaflux showed it  had no cracks.

I raced the car at Riverside for Bob Sutherland just after he bought it from me. I saw the car again when Anthony Bamford had it and it was as I had restored it. Nothing changed. Now it has the nose reshaped to the 340MM spec and some changes to the rear and is less original than it was.A mistake was made to the interior.The car was originally  painted light beige in the cockpit and then flocked.This is now gray like a Vignale body which is totally wrong . 

When I rebuilt the engine I raised the compression to 9.8 to 1 and had Ed Winfield make new camshafts with the profiles for a 250 TDF

I saw 320 HP on my Dyno at 6500RPM about the same for the full 375 engine."
76 - Robert Sutherland, Englewood, CO, USA C9 p11
C10/89 p35
SuR p78
76/...   Riverside Stephen Griswold    
84/aug/25-26 9th Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bob Sutherland    
87/jul Chicago Historic Races Bob Sutherland
88/aug/19-21 Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Bob Sutherland
89   Mille Miglia Sutherland/Dopudja #280 "201F-64 (CO)"
92/jul/17-19 Chicago Historic Races Bob Sutherland
93/feb - offered for $1,050,000 by EAS  
93/mar - Jerome Sullivan, Vero Beach, FL, USA - paid $987k  
94/sep/20-24 Colorado Grand Jerome Sullivan
96/feb/10 V. Cavallino Classic Jerome Sullivan C92 p11
97/may/01-03 Mille Miglia Jerome Sullivan / Williams #292 C100 p68 "3063 B"
97/aug/04 Meadow Brook Concours, Rochester Jerome Sullivan
98/jan/31 display VII. Cavallino Classic, class 9 Jerome Sullivan
98/sep - Duncan Hamilton Ltd., UK - paid $2.3mio (Paul Vestey)  
99/apr - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA asking $3.0mio  
99/mar - offered by Duncan Hamilton Ltd., UK  
99/may - offered by Ferrari of Los Gatos, CA, USA asking $3.0mio  
99/may/26-30 FCA Annual Meeting, Atlanta Bernie Chase C112 p12
99/jun - still offered by Ferrari of Los Gatos, CA, USA
99/aug - offered by SMC, La Jolla, CA, USA - red/tan
99/aug - Sir Anthony Bamford, UK  
00/aug/10   FOC UK Concours 2000 at Castle Ashby Anthony Bamford    
00/sep/09-10 Louis Vuitton Classic, Bagatelle Anthony Bamford
00/nov/04-05   International Classic Motor Show, Birmingham      
04/aug/14-15   Monterey Historic Races, Laguna Seca Willie Green #26  
05/jun/24-26 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Anthony Bamford #23 C149 p16
0. - Sir Paul Vestey, UK "PV 96"
06 - body restored back to original specs
08/jul/11-13 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Paul Vestey #14 C167 p24
10/jul/03-05 Festival of Speed, Goodwood Paul Vestey C179 p16
13/mar/10 display Amelia Island Concours RM Auctions    
13/may/25 - S - RM's Villa Erba auction - €9,856mio incl. buyer's prem. C197 p7
13/may/25 - ...................  




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