0314M 53/may/19
Ferrari 166 MM/53 Vignale Spyder S2, RHD
engine extented to 3 liters
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Edoardo Lualdi-Gabardi, Busto Arsizio, I "VA 37228"
53/jun/14 5th OA
5th IC
Varese-Campo di Fiori hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #143 Varese p243
53/jun/28 9th OA
Coppa della Perugina,
X. Giro Automobilistico dell'Umbria
Edoardo Lualdi / Pellegotta
53/jul/26 Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #132   
53/aug/09 8th OA
IX. Circuito di Senigallia Edoardo Lualdi    
53/aug/15-16 ...
(3rd OA)
12h Pescara Edoardo Lualdi /    Enzo Pinzero #42 Coppa Acerbo p370, 376

3rd OA was 0278M
53/sep/06 9th OA GP Supercortemaggiore, Merano Edoardo Lualdi #32 C155 p50, 51
53/sep/27 10th OA Bologna-Raticosa hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi
53/oct/04 4th IC Pontedecimo-Giovi hillclimb Edoardo Lualdi #150  
5. - engine extended to 3 litres, fitted with Weber 40 IF 4C carbs
54 - Primo Pezzoli, Leffe, I  
54/apr/04 6th OA
4th S+2.0
XIV. Giro di Sicilia Primo Pezzoli /
Vittorio Noris
54/may/01-02 dnf
Mille Miglia Primo Pezzoli /
Giacomo Moioli "Noris"
#542 "VA 37228"
MMCU92 p172        Red Arrows p242
54/jun/20 3rd Trieste-Opicina hillclimb Primo Pezzoli    
54/jul/11 dnf VIII. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Primo Pezzoli #99  
54/jul/25   Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb Primo Pezzoli    
54/aug/08 dnf
Circuito di Senigallia S+2.0 Primo Pezzoli    
54/aug/22 3rd OA
3rd S+1.1
Trullo d’Oro Primo Pezzoli    
59 - Armando Stefana, Brescia, I "BS 56779"
59 - Corrado Broglia, Sirmione, I  
.. - Arrigo Cantelli, Ferrara, I - raced in hillclimbs  
61/aug - offered for sale at a dealer, Ferrara, I on consignment from Cantelli C56 p33
61/aug/22 - Helmut Frevel, Freiburg, D (sunken ship investigator) FbV p172, 173
61 - modified with one piece windshield & black soft top
62/jul/01 2nd 7th Tuerckheim-Les Trois Epis hillclimb Josef Hecht #109 C56 p36
62/jul15 3rd 4th Macon-Solutre hillclimb Josef Hecht
( friend of Frevel )
#138 C56 p34, 35 MK 1/90 p14
63 - Frevel moved to Pretoria, South Africa to continue his search for the sunken 'Grosvenor'; he took the car with him
67/mar - brought back to Freiburg and stored until 1990 FbV p21
93 - Peter Glaesel, Detmold, D "LIP-P 3"
93 - restored by DK Engineering, Watford, UK, red/silver
93/jul/04 FOC Concours, Elton Hall C77 p14
94 - FCD MdC driven by Christian Glaesel  
95/may/05-07   Ferrari Days Spa Christian Glaesel    
97/jul/25-27 Coys International Historic Festival, Silverstone Peter Glaesel
97/nov - offered for $900.000 by ProTrade GmbH, Hamburg, D  
98/jan/21 - Walter Fink, Stuttgart, D
phone +49-711-967-5111, mobile +49-172-740-7430
"S-FE 166"
99/may/06-08   Mille Miglia Walter Fink /
Juergen Bremer
00/may/25-28   Mille Miglia Sandra Fink (Klink) /
Nele Koch
00/may/28 - stolen the night after finishing MM in Brescia !  
08 - car discovered in Italy, completely dismantled, engine and gearbox missing
0. - Phillip Hylander, UK
09 - undergoing reconstruction by DK Engineering, Watford, UK
10/may/05-09 Mille Miglia Phillip Hylander /
Oliver Wheeler
10/sep/17-19 dns Goodwood Revival Meeting, Freddie March Memorial Trophy Michael Vergers #8
12/jan/19 Jet Aviation Cup XXI. Cavallino Classic, La Bella Macchina Jet Reception Jeremy & James Cottingham C188 p32
12/jan/21 Silver XXI. Cavallino Classic, class 1 Jeremy & James Cottingham
12/jan/22 Classic Sports Sunday at Mar-a-Lago Jeremy & James Cottingham
12/feb - offered by DK Engineering, Chorleywood, UK C188 p73
12/mar - offered by Mike Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - asking $2,495mio
12/apr - John Weinberger, Naperville, IL, USA via DK Engineering 
16/dec/02 - Ferrari Finali Mondiali, Daytona  
17/aug/20 Anniversary Exhibition Monterey    
21/aug/13 - RM Sotheby's Monetrey Auction
Lot 352 - Est. $4,000,000 - 5,000,000
Sold $3,855,000
21/aug/.. - Ricardo Vega Serrador, MEX  
21/sep/06   Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche De Anda / Gomez #4  
22/sep/26   Ferrari Cavalcade Classiche,




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