0305EU 53/nov/03
250 Europa Coupe PF, LHD
Rosso Marrone with beige chiaro roof and sills
Marrone leather interior
PF job no. 12531
engine no. interno 076
white wall tires
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
54/mar/15 - Magnolfi Latino, Carmignano (Firenze), I "FI 70161"
54/mar/04-07   Primo Raduno Mondiale della Carrozzeria,
Villa Ormond, San Remo
Magnolfi Latino  
54/mar/04-07   Rallye du Cinéma, San Remo Magnolfi Latino  
54/jun/03   Concorso Sartorie Romana, Villa Borghese, Roma Magnolfi Latino #69 C198 p45
54/mar/15   Concorso di Eleganza di Stresa Magnolfi Latino  
55/nov - ................., USA
55 - exported to USA
.. - Chevy V8 engine installed
.. - original engine only with Basil Shadlun in Howell, NJ, USA - obviously restamped at one time to 0337AL
.. - ............., KS, USA  
9. - Randy Simon, Boston, MS, USA (also Beverly Hills, CA, USA) - as a parts car
9. - Mike Sheehan, Costa Mesa, CA, USA - as a complete chassis, body and
suspension but no engine or transmission
9. - Giampietro Todesco, GT Cars, I
01 - offered by VSOC, Alex von Mozer, Sassenheim, NL
02 - Dik Lievaart, Naaldwijk, NL
06 -  Jan De Reu, Lembeke, B - without engine, gearbox & rear axle C198 p36-45 C201 p11
07 - original engine only, restamped 0337AL, sold via SMC to Tom Shaughnessy, to Heinrich Kaempfer, CH and finally to Jan De Reu after it was discovered to this is engine 0305EU!  
07 - undergoing restoration at Ferrari Classiche, engine stamped 0337AL found with no. interno 076 ... which was used on the engine 0305EU
13/jul/11-14   Festival of Speed, Goodwood, Cartier Style et Luxe Concours Jan De Reu  
13/oct/13   Zoute Concours d´Elegance , Knokke-le-Zoute Jan De Reu    
14/may/23-25 1st IC Concorso d’Eleganza, Villa d’Este, class D Jan De Reu   C202 p10
14/aug/16 - S - RM's Monterey auction -
Lot 225 - Est. $1,900,000 - $2,400,000
$2,750,000.- incl. buyer's prem.
14/aug/16 - .......................




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