0302TF 53
Ferrari 625 TF Vignale Berlinetta, RHD
engine capacity 735
Monza prototype
red over black curvered lines
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla CR3 p112
53/aug/09   GP Senigallia Franco Cornacchia    
5. - Mario Camellini, Modena, I L'idea p249
53 - "car destroyed in a fire" - Giulio Vignale FbV p169



Some sources believe that 0302TF was rebodied after the fire in an one-off Spyder by Scaglietti. If so, the car would have the results below.

Other sources believe that 0406MD was rebodied in 1954 into an one-off Spyder by Scaglietti. Others claim these results for 0404MD as the car in question. As a matter of fact 0406MD was rebodied by Scaglietti in the 50's. But this mysterious car appeared at the 12h of Casablance in December 1953 for the first time, and therefore too early to be 0404MD or 0406MD.

53 - rebodied Scaglietti style, headrest, air inlets in fender and bonnet, but round fender cutouts, rear section still the same center gas filler  
53/dec/20 2nd OA
12h Casablanca Alberto Ascari /
Luigi Villoresi
#20 C173 p27
54/feb/27 1st S2.0 GP di Agadir
Sports 2000
Francois Picard #26 FY54
54/mar/07 2nd OA 2nd S+1.5 GP Sport del Senegal Maurice Trintignant #37 FY54 p22
54/mar/28 1st OA Corsa sulle Torricelle Paolo Marzotto #284 FY54
54/apr/19 1st IV Circuit de Marrakech Francois Picard    
54/may/01-02 2nd OA  2nd IC Mille Miglia Vittorio Marzotto #523 "BO 34336" prova           TES p54
LFMM p85
4CS p41
FY54           Red Arrows p112, 116, 117, 240 (identified as 0404MD)
54/jun/20 GP Autodromo, Imola #38 was 0262M
54/jul/24-25 6th OA III. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Giulio Musitelli / Franco Cortese #4 BdN p66
55/may/01-02 dns Mille Miglia
crashed in practice with #656
Gilberto Cornacchia #629  

- same car (bodywork) as #523
55/may/29 10th OA
4th IC
GP Supercortemaggiore, Monza Gilberto Cornacchia /
Giuseppe Rossi
#18 1000km di Monza p20
55/jul/17 6th Circuito di Reggio Calabria Cornacchia  ? 0534MD ?
55/jul/23-24 6th OA 4thS2.0 IV. 10h di Messina (Notturna Messinese) Gilberto Cornacchia /
Giuseppe Rossi
#16 BdN p93
55/aug/27 dnf
Daily Herald International, Oulton Park Franco Cortese #26
- body looks similar to #523
- further history unknown - 




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