0301AL 53
375 America Coupe Vignale, RHD
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53 - Harry W. Kiser, NY, NY, USA  
57 - James Chapman, USA
57 - repainted red
.. - Steve McQueen, Hollywood, CA, USA unconfirmed
64 - Sal de la Torre, Pismo Beach, CA, USA "GJS 959 (CA)"
89 - Charles Zwolsman, NL FbV p168
92 - Top Cars Erich Schulz, Essen, D  
93/sep - seized by the Dutch Government
01/jul/06 - S - Dutch Government auction - $535,000.-
01/jul/06 - Peter Rae, UK
0. - restored, now painted gold, with dark roof & dark green interior
02 - Bob Cole, SF, CA, USA via Fantasy Junction
02/oct - featured in Forza #40; car painted gold/dark brown roof/dark green
04/apr - William R. Grimsley, Sausalito, CA, USA - paid $1,25mio C149 p28-34
05/aug/21 display Pebble Beach Concours, class M-1 Bill Grimsley
07/aug/19 - S - Gooding & Co. Pebble Beach auction - $1,155mio incl. buyer's prem.
07/aug/19 - Friedhelm Loh, Haiger, D
.. - Scott Morris, Kearney, NE, USA
11/aug/19 The Quail, Carmel Valley Scott Morris

Note #1:

The 1953 Paris Salon show car was 0293EU, not 0301AL.

Note #2:

According to reader Valentino Plaza from San Diego, 0301AL was NOT owned by Sal de la Torre but owned from 1964 to 1989 by his aunt Kathy Goodknight Petterson instead. This is what he reported to us:

"She was the sole owner of this car please correct your mistake, and her husband bought this car from Steve McQueen himself in a poker game at his house so please fix this major error on behalf of my aunt Kathy. Thanks Valentino Plaza San Diego Ca"



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