0297EU 53
250 Europa Coupe PF, LHD
Pf job no. 12503 
Dark blue with ivory top / brown
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
53/nov/26 - Tom 'Gaetano' Marchese, Thiensville, WI, USA (Motorsport promoter)
55 - Edward A. Weschler, Nashotah, WI, USA
60/may - offered in R&T  
61 - Seidler, USA  
6. - engine replaced by RRR Motors with engine 1141GT
69 - John Delamater, Indianapolis, IN, USA  
69 - Courtney Whitlock, Springfield, MO, USA - paid $4,500.-  
81/oct - offered for sale - incredible original   
85 - donated to the Brooks Stevens Museum, Milwaukee, WI, USA - without gearbox and engine. Tdf engine 1141GT retained by Whitlock until 2000, when that engine was reunited with its car.
Bob 415-692-3025 CA  
95- Investment Cars Inc., Norfolk, VA, USA 
97 - Luigi Mancini, Pisa, I - imported from the USA with original engine in pieces
removed the bumpers and grill trimming ... later sold to C. Pirot
05 - Gilberto Focardi, Firenze, I
07 - completely restored by Faralli & Mazzanti, I; repainted in original color combination light blue met./brown - original engine restored
10/apr Firenze-Fiesole hillclimb Gilberto Focardi
10/may/05-09 Mille Miglia Gilberto Focardi / Andrea Focardi #258 "ZA 727ZX"
10/sep/24-27 1st Uniques Special Ones Concours d'Elegance, Firenze Gilberto Focardi
10 - Chantal Pirot, Gstaad, CH
13/oct/11 - NS - Bonhams' Knokke auction - estm. €750-950k  
14/... - re-painted to original color scheme ... bumpers and grill trim re-installed
now certified by Ferrari Classiche



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