Ferrari 250 MM

0282MM 1953/apr
Ferrari 250 MM Vignale Spyder, RHD
3 portholes, cutaway in rear fenders, covered headlights,
flared wheel arches all round
Date Result Event Driver # Reference
1953 - SF  
1953/apr/12 dnf
XIII. Giro di Sicilia Giulio Cabianca #440  
- closed bonnet blister, side security on bonnet, flared wheel arches
9th OA
Mille Miglia Giulio Cabianca /
Gianfranco Roghi
#633 PH108 p27
LFMM p81
FEO p478     Red Arrows p108, 236  
"BO 21590" (prova)
- closed bonnet blister, side security on bonnet, 5 slots after front wheels, air intake (3 slots) before rear wheel, flared wheel arches (at least) at rear, full width screen, 3 slots on each bonnet side
6th OA
6th S+750
Targa Florio Giulio Cabianca #70 FEO p322
- modification behind driver seat, closed bonnet blister
1953/jun/29 3rd OA VI. GP dell' Autodromo Monza Giuseppe Farina #10
- now with large opened bonnet blister (340/375MM style), single width screen, flared wheel arches, now bonnet security at rear
1st OA
1st S+1.1
VII. Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti Paolo Marzotto / Marino Marini #89 FY53
PeG p114
- large air intake on bonnet 375 MM style, modification behind driver seat  
1953/aug/09 3rd OA IX. Circuito di Senigallia Pietro Carini    
1953/sep/01 - Luigi Chinetti, Paris, F  
1953/sep/05-13 22nd OA
Tour de France René Marchand /
Lino Fayen
#14 SuR p66
"30708 MO"
TdF p86
1953/nov/29-05 20th OA 7. Rallye du Maroc Lino Fayen /
1954/feb/28 6th OA
6th S+2.0
GP Agadir Jean Lucas #41  
1954/mar/07 dnf
2h Dakar, GP Sport del Senegal Jean Lucas    
1954/mar/18-21 dnf 7th Rallye Lyon-Charbonnières Jean Lucas /        René Marchand #84 Émotion Ferrari p97 "30708 MO"
1954/apr/19 2nd IV Circuit de Marrakech Jean Lucas    
1954/may/08-09 dnf ? Rallye de Sablé-Solesmes Jean Lucas #149 Émotion Ferrari p101
.. ??? missing ??? What happened with 0282MM after 1954 ???  


The Howard Hively 250 MM was definitely s/n 0390MM and not - as reported in Massini's Vignale book - 0282MM !





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